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Pregnancy, is the best way to test love! 2012 – Sohu mother just married less than a year at the time of pregnancy is not specifically to prepare pregnant ignorant very suddenly discover one day pregnant husband told him very happy of course I as usual on a class slowly for five months. Abnormal row told this news is like a bolt from the blue of fetal cleft lip and palate I told her husband sad for a long time after a long time to discuss the whole family finally induced this thing over half a year in early 2014 in preparation for a month of pregnancy and pregnancy that this is very careful specially for this took two months off to defend at home for four months before the official work in this work in a month and increased secretion color or brown belly often tighten at that time did not understand then know that it is not the contractions I still continue to understand on a class until five months one night stomach pain second day morning found the red immediately went to the hospital the doctor said only the miscarriage hanging and then hung up a bottle of water with water and my parents are coming back to my hometown (later learned is not only the top back and forth contractions lying on the road again) Baotai around an hour to get home second days to go to the city people’s Hospital for understanding of the director said a tense question carefully how often I said very short time interval to the hospital director immediately said when we do not know in fact is very serious in the hospital on miscarriage the medicine to hang a day measured fetal heart second days at noon the nurse to help me measure when the fetal heart has not been able to find the baby’s heartbeat when I am nervous nurse quickly called doctors hang Bao what another baby Water right and left hanging in a period of time to test the heartbeat is very weak but I already feel wrong this time in the evening because hang Tianshui is to go to the bathroom just got up to the toilet water broke and I was called a bolt from the blue to the director of doctors and nurses it said labor water broke lose my mind is that arbitrary words don’t come out of my husband was at work and I received the phone call, he immediately came home to see me immediately comforted me never mind I know he is very sad, my mother and I are crying back to these. To shed tears for my husband is very good for my meticulous care, and now after two years, it has been 30 years old, my husband is 33 years old, with men of his age children are I know he is the primary school children’s love, I also want to get one this year Chinese medicine to eat, eat what tonic when finally prepare pregnant the first half of the year, ushered in the good news. In that pregnant again when her husband is very happy, I immediately quit, what also don’t do at home every day, husband give me cooking, laundry, he goes to work while taking care of me, I saw all the hard. One day he helped me wash my face when I said, until the old, but also to help me wash相关的主题文章: