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Home-and-Family The moving industry has so many options in moving, and pods have been added to the list. These pods are metal boxes with a overhead door on one side and they are picked up and dropped off by semi-trucks. Pods are popping up all over, and people wonder why there are boxes sitting in parking lots or in people’s driveway or other places. The answer covers over more than one category. Convenience is hands down an important in today’s popcorn society. If a flood occurs suddenly there are questions on what to do with the belongings to keep it from getting wet. One alternative is to get a rental truck and take things to the local storage rental place. Another alternative would be to get on the phone and get a pod dropped off at the place of the flood. Clearly pods are a more convenient choice. Removable units are valuable because most people do not want things out of place. If this is the case, then pods can be picked up and stored in a temperature controlled environment that is owned by the pod owner. When ready for the return of the pod, it can be dropped off at place of pick up or in another location as necessary. Payment for pods is affordable and convenient and can be done on a periodic basis. Depending on individual company policy, some allow contracts to be shortened or lengthened as needed with payment plans available. This helps when there on expected delays in getting things moved. Pods are made of metal and fiberglass material. This makes it highly undesirable as a source for burglary. Also, access can only be gained from an overhead door located on one side of the pod. The rest of the security can be enhanced by adding on additional measures like padlocks or chain locks. These units are secure and designed to be water proof also. These pods are usually required to be on concrete or flat top of some sort to protect the unit from damage at all times. If people are worried about being discreet, then this is definitely the method of moving or storing to use. The reason is that there are no windows, so no one can sit there and snoop unless the overhead door is open. Only the person with the key to the locked unit can gain access, not even the pod owner. This should be peace of mind to those who are concerned with privacy. Probably the nicest thing about the pods is the ability to schedule and pay reasonable prices to do so. Moving can be done at the convenience of the renter, spread out and done gradually. This is so different from traditional modern moving, where a moving truck is rented and must be back in one day or extra charges are incurred. With all of these options and conveniences built in, the question becomes why would someone not want to use these pods. They are reasonably priced to rent, they can be moved and they are convenient. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: