Photos Xiangyang rock collapse has caused 4 people were killed 1 people missing quickchm

Photos: Xiangyang rock collapse has caused 4 people were killed 1 people missing in the morning of October 2nd, located in Nanzhang County town, Xiao xiangshuidong village three groups of Hualong area rock calcite ore non collapsed, 5 workers were buried. Reporters learned yesterday from Nanzhang, the accident has caused 4 deaths, one missing, the current search and rescue work continues. The calcite mine was built in 2007, from southwest to northeast mining. After mining, about 50 meters high mountain, forming a narrow channel from the southwest to the northeast, the channel width of 5 meters, about one hundred meters long. This channel is not an operating point. According to the relevant departments of the mine south Zhangxian, on the afternoon of September 30th to stop production, October 1st holiday. On the eve of the holiday, in accordance with the provisions, the driver drove the excavator digging machine, from the operating point to the parking lot for parking. When a vehicle is parked in the road, the road is blocked by a truck. The driver had to close from the channel to the parking lot. Did not think in the southwestern end broke down when the channel digging machine. The driver decided on the spot inspection. In October 1st, the driver repair machines, not repaired; 2 in the morning, the driver shouted to the other 3 people continue to repair, repair or not; then, another excavators is shouting over, ready to drag anchor digging machine. The morning of October 2nd at 10:30 pm, Southeast of Fangshan the sudden rock body repair collapsed, 5 people and two excavators are falling stone buried. According to preliminary estimates, the collapse volume of about 1500. After the incident, the provincial and county leaders to lead the safety supervision, public security, fast land, transportation, fire and other leaders and related personnel rushed to the scene to rescue the first time. Due to the collapse of the body is too large, the collapse continues, bringing great difficulty to the rescue. After hard work, 3 am, 05 minutes, buried workers Chen Shaobao was rescued, the forensic confirmed that he had died in the 9. 4, when the second were found buried, at the time of the third were found to be buried in 21. 5 at 14 PM, the fourth found. Unfortunately, have been killed. After the accident, the mine legal person Liang Hongguang has been the public security organs to control; Nanzhang County, all walks of life are conducting safety inspections, to prevent accidents and accidents in other industries. Search and rescue work continues.相关的主题文章: