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Photos: China ancient history of the most capricious, the nouveau riche collectors – Painting – Chinese in ancient times, there is a group with a golden spoon grow up, because of terrain and climate, etc. a great advantage of artists and collectors. Not have to worry about food and clothing of the day, their biggest pastime is Daoteng ink, a kilns, pick up leak Amoy Taobao, but in the folk paintings what the name off point. They are the art collection history of the most capricious, most, most of the art nouveau riche expert, they have a common identity — the emperor. Tang Taizong Li Shimin: the love of life and death from a collection of painting and calligraphy "Orchid Pavilion". Tang Taizong Li Shimin is fond of painting and calligraphy collection, especially fond of Wang Xizhi’s collection of poetry and calligraphy, almost crazy. It is said that he was to be Wang Xizhi’s "Orchid Pavilion" authentic, even ignore imperiality, "agent undercover" way to deceive, his love, after the death of the grave, even the most beloved Yang could not have this treatment. Most can manifest the original copy of the Lanting Pavilion legend Feng Chengsu, "Orchid Pavilion" to the descendants of Wang Xizhi Yongshi Zhi Zhi Yong, because as a monk, dying and pass it on to the disciples of eloquence. Was good at painting, the "Orchid Pavilion" in the beam between the dark threshold. Love the calligraphy of Wang Xizhi Tang Taizong learned it in the hands of eloquence, and try to seek, sent Xiao Yue came to censor wing design for authentic. Xiao wing as a poor scholar, made friends with eloquence, two people often drinkingpoems comments on calligraphy and painting, with eloquence, finally revealed his true possession of the "Orchid Pavilion". Xiao wing to regard him as a "friend" was lost on Lanting Pavilion in an alert to the table, Xiao wing has sneaked into his room, stole from. Finally, know that he is the aim was to take the original Lanting Pavilion, faint in the ground, with regret to die. Tang Taizong Wang Xizhi authentic, an inscription over extension, gave him one prince. To his death, buried Zhao ling. There are also rumors that his son Tang Gaozong also love "Orchid Pavilion", so that the switch will be authentic, together with their buried in the Qian mausoleum. However, whatever the truth, the real "Orchid Pavilion" has not seen. Zhou Shizong Chai Rong: love porcelain manufacturing "mystery" Zhou Shizong chairong "five generations of the first Ming Jun" side of the busy family rule, while expanding its territory, but also did not forget to get your own little hobby — porcelain production. According to legend, the imperial kiln kiln is the five dynasties emperor Zhou Shizong chairong created, porcelain from "green as the day, bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, the sound of pan, moist fine fine lines." Exquisite luster is peerless, when many of the best kiln. However, Chinese has not found the kiln kiln, there is no complete kiln ware handed down, even the kiln porcelain pieces is not a. Since ancient times, people of the kiln is controversial, has been an unsolved mystery Chinese porcelain history. Nantang Li Yu: open the wrong knife and cut the book collection before scooping and Nantang Li Yu, if not the emperor, in his contribution to the world of culture and life should be brilliant,)相关的主题文章: