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People’s Daily: capital markets in general investors need to protect – Anhui Channel – people will be appropriate to sell the appropriate investors, investors in the proper management of investor protection is essentially. In the capital market, ordinary investors self-protection ability is relatively weak, which need to provide customized products and differentiated services, so that ordinary investors in the information disclosure, risk warning and other aspects of a "special attention" and "we are small scattered into ordinary investors, is not only to enjoy the" ordinary "after treatment, those professional investors can enjoy" VIP "treatment?" Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission on the securities and futures investors appropriate management approach for public comment, which clearly divided into ordinary investors and professional investors. A large number of small investors with a small amount of capital will become ordinary investors. Why should investors be divided into different levels? What does stratification mean? Attracted many investors attention. In China’s stock market, small investors accounted for more than high, high volume ratio of contribution. In this context, it is difficult to protect investors, the parties are relatively high degree of satisfaction. Investor protection has become a short board, one of the important factors is the lack of basic institutional supply. Due to historical reasons, the past system design is more emphasis on the development of the market, although the relevant laws and regulations will also mention the protection of investors, but the lack of specific measures, a word of the law, the operation is not strong enough. The effective protection of the rights and interests of investors is a systematic project. Compared with the general commodity market or relatively simple financial market, securities and futures trading has the particularity, the product of strong professional, legal relationship is complex, various characteristics, product complexity and risk return vary, and the majority of investors at the professional level, risk bearing ability and risk return preferences also vary, for financial products the requirements are not the same. A few years ago, some investors mistakenly expiring delisted warrants as a stock to buy, to lose, suffered heavy losses. Visible, the appropriate products sold to investors, is a very important part of the protection of the interests of investors. The so-called investor appropriateness management, in essence, is the protection of investors. Since 2009, the gem, financial futures, margin trading, stock transfer system, private equity funds and other markets have established a system of investor appropriateness, played a positive role. However, these systems are relatively fragmented, independent of each other, not covered by some high-risk products, and put forward the requirements of the focus on the establishment of access threshold, the provisions of the obligations of the operating system is not clear enough. From the perspective of market development, it is urgent to develop a set of unified investor suitability management system on the basis of the existing system. On the face of it, the investor suitability system is the stratification of investors, but the real focus is to strengthen the seller’s responsibility. Investors are most familiar with the sentence: "the stock market risks, the market need to be cautious," is the embodiment of the "caveat emptor, at your own risk". However, this is a prerequisite. Visitors to watch, the securities and futures business institutions and investors as market participants, but the two sides of the professional water相关的主题文章: