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Overall leading iPhone  8! Samsung S8 four sides are curved screen – people communication channel – People’s original title: a comprehensive lead iPhone 8! Samsung S8 is a four curved screen to say "eleven" before the holidays what the most popular, then it must be the fire incident battery should be one after another, Samsung Heavy flagship Note 7, the moment is very embarrassing situation, perhaps for them, the best way is to restore the loss as soon as possible to bring the next flagship. According to South Korean media broke the news, Samsung is currently speeding up the process of Galaxy S8, its release time is likely to be ahead (expected next year Q1), of course, the phone will be a major change in shape design. The report also mentioned that Galaxy S8 may be the first iPhone 8, that is to get rid of the Home key, let mobile phone screen is positive, is even more exaggerated, Samsung to screen the four edges are put on the curved screen, let it become a real full screen intelligent mobile phone. In addition, Galaxy S8 will further upgrade the camera, Samsung will be provided for the dual camera, this will be the Galaxy S series of the first dual camera products, it is unclear whether the integration of dual camera design or the use of separate dual camera design. For Samsung, Galaxy S8 radical innovation at the same time, the security of the mobile phone also pay more attention to the test, if repeated Note 7 errors, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. (commissioning editor Zhang Ge and Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: