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In | a bug, a bad wine – Sohu and Abstract: small grape phylloxera is how to lead the wine industry disaster? Please follow the red wine world network (micro signal: @wine-world) look at the picture below, to understand the grape nodules of aphids and wine story. Grape phylloxera (Phylloxera), which is a Wine circle in a turn of the noun. In the middle of the nineteenth Century, such a small insect came to the continent, damaged large tracts of vineyards, a serious blow to the French wine industry and even the national economy. The drinkers once thought will never lose the world of wine, concern over europe. However, the wise man finally came up with a solution. So, how did the grape aphid come to Europe? How did it lead to the wine industry disaster? How does a wise man deal with it? Please take a look at the picture below to find out about the grape aphid and wine. To select? Kelinai church, born noble and noble wine The students surpass the teacher. vineyard? Wanted to rally? 6 "killer" summer grape tree wine-world is the official WeChat wine world network, click on the bottom of the menu, understand the latest information, search the wine winery, wine online access to knowledge. Join the wine world and share the wine life!相关的主题文章: