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Not afraid of death can do outdoor chongshangyunxiao dead fly with the wind Wingboarding is a new type of extreme sports. It will soon be popular among adventure lovers. Wyp airlines, a new company that has brought aviation industry to the next level, has carried forward the Wingboarding (flying plate). The flying plate provides a plane that allows the riders to fly rather than fall on the ground. "Flying board" is a combination of aerial skateboard and water surfing board. Rely on aircraft towing, the rider can surf in the clouds "". The fear of death is to cool skills in imitation of the comic book that can drive a surfboard free shuttle Superman silver surfer. "Fly in" founder and chief engineer Aaron  Wypyszynski said: "the flying plate; similar to water on board, but not you not water waves, but the plane dragged up the waves." Aaron, a 31 year old flight testing engineer, has had a strong interest in aviation since he was four years old, playing with a Lego toy plane. In his spare time, he worked in the studio to develop the "flying plate" – inspired by his childhood cartoon "air hero". This cartoon, one named Kit  Cloudkicker Cartoon Bear jumped on his gray machine, easily at. At this stage, Aaron has made a "flying plate" proportional model. He claims that this is a three-dimensional model that combines the functions of skis and skis. The model assembles a set of cables to connect and drag the aircraft, while stabilizing the rider. The wheel at the bottom of the board helps the skateboard comply with the airflow. Riders also need a parachute to land safely on the ground. The skateboard itself also has a separate parachute. This serves as a buffer for landing. This model has been successfully implemented in the test of the rider’s roll (high altitude stunt). Aaron is now working hard to raise money ($275000) to create the first "flying plate" prototype. If all goes well, he believes flying board will become a very popular spectator sport. He said, "once, flying behind the plane was just a dream.". You can put your foot on a skateboard and force it to fly, but you fall off. Now you can have to fly in the wind, in the clouds fly freely!" 不怕死就能做死 户外冲上云霄乘风飞行   Wingboarding是一种新型的极限运动。它不久就将在冒险爱好者间流行开来。Wyp航空公司,一家以“让航空事业更上一层楼”的新公司发扬光大了Wingboarding(飞板)。飞板提供了一个平面使骑手们能腾空而不是落在地面上。   “飞 板”是一种空中滑板和水上冲浪板的结合。依靠飞机的拖行,骑手能在云间“冲浪”。这种不怕死的炫酷技能的目的是为了模仿漫画书里那个能驾着冲浪板自由穿梭 的超人银影侠。“飞板”的创始人兼首席工程师Aaron Wypyszynski说:“飞板类似于水上冲浪板,但不是你冲的不是水流之浪,而是飞机拖行激 起的云浪。”   31岁的职业飞行检测工程师Aaron,从四岁在玩乐高玩具飞机的小屁孩时期,就对航空产生了浓烈的兴趣。在闲暇的时候,他都呆在工作室里开发“飞板”——灵 感来自他儿时看的卡通片《航空小英雄》。这部动画片里,一只叫Kit Cloudkicker的卡通熊跳上他的灰机,轻松地腾云驾雾。   现阶段,Aaron做出了“飞板”的成比例模型。他号称这是“结合了滑水板和滑雪板功能的”立体化模型。模型组装着一组缆绳用于连接拖行它的飞机的 同时稳定承载骑手。板子底部的轮子助于滑板顺应气流。骑手也需要一个降落伞来安全降落到地面上。滑板本身也有一个单独的降落伞。这起到降落时的缓冲作用。   这个模型在测试中已经成功实现了骑手的横滚(高空特技)。Aaron现在正在努力筹资(275000美元)来制造第一个“飞板”原型。如果一切顺利,他相信 “飞板”会成为一项非常受欢迎的观赏性运动。他说:“曾经,飞在飞机后面只是个梦。你可以把脚绑在滑板上然后装装逼飞一飞,但你会掉下来。如今有了飞板, 你可以迎着风,在云间自由的飞翔啦!”相关的主题文章: