Ningbo, a row of rental houses collapsed 12 people trapped in the gas explosion caused by the Depart pullip

A row of Ningbo rental housing collapsed 12 people trapped inside the Department of gas explosion caused by the day before yesterday at 2:10 in the morning, suddenly collapsed in a row of rental housing, awakened by the villagers in Ningbo Yuyao city Fengshan Street five-star village Yokoyama. 12 people were trapped and another 8 were injured. The sudden accident let everyone injured fortunately, still suffering from the shock, the situation is not very serious. So how did the accident come about? More than and 10 years of age is not too long, so we are very concerned about the progress of the investigation. In yesterday’s report, the reporter has mentioned the scene to find items in the rubble as tenants suspected, is due to the interior of the house before the explosion, huge momentum caused the collapse of the housing. But from the house to move out of the gas tank are intact, which makes the villagers some confusion. Yesterday 18:23, Yuyao City, Fengshan Street Office official micro-blog @ Fengshan street for this update again in September 26th occurred in the early morning of five-star Village rental housing collapse accident, the public security and relevant departments for investigation, preliminary determination is due to gas explosion caused by the collapse of housing estates. Reporters on the matter to verify the Yuyao Municipal Public Security Bureau, the public security department, said the cause of the collapse of the accident has not been fully clear.相关的主题文章: