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New York overseas Chinese: "911" after 15 years, not yet out of the shadow of recession – Chinatown Beijing China overseas network on 12 September, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that "over the past 15 years after the 911 terrorist attacks, New York Chinatown economy continued to decline, the shops close, not yet out of the shadow from the recession. United Inn Chinese Association President Huang Huaqing 10 local time in the "911" terrorist attack 15 anniversary says that "no parking place, there is no place to stop the bus, plus the Chinatown building is very old, mostly for rent control and rent stable buildings, prices will not rise, the hotel will not thrive." According to the New York Real Estate Commission (Real Estate Board of New York, referred to as REBNY) recently released New York housing sales report shows that New York City condominium units (condo) increased in price between 2016 and second during the first quarter, but the average price over the same period, type of housing has suddenly dropped 67% dropped to $1 million 200 thousand from $3 million 700 thousand, the lower east side has become the selling price of housing within the city the largest decline in area. As the lifeblood of the lower east side area of Chinatown, the sale of housing price and quantity has an important impact on the Lower East Side apartment average price. According to the analysis, the real estate price decline, because there are compared to apartment market and other areas of the East, itself is relatively small, so the sales records have few changes in the region of the digital to a great extent. According to the real estate website "StreetEasy" data show that in the past year, only less than 50 of the total set of the Lower East Side apartment successfully sold. Huang Huaqing pointed out that now more and more white in Chinatown, and officials, community leaders to reopen the Bai Lu voice was more weak. "Bai road is not open, we think this is a dead city chinatown." In addition to the Bowery hotel recently opened 50, in recent years, almost no new Chinatown Hotel opened, "the reconstruction of the world trade center, the government and businesses to invest $30 billion to promote the development of 911, before the world trade center only six hotels, now the New World Trade Center Hotel increased to 17." In addition, he also suspected officials did not help small businesses to the government for welfare, if there is a discount, even if small businesses can continue to lose money to attract more people to do business, driving the economy." The majority of the old Chinatown, also experienced many fires, the Chinese moved out, but foreign born people moved. In contrast, the lower east side of Eastern delancy (Delancey St) and Essex Street (Essex St) in the vicinity of the new real estate projects in recent years are being built, Huang Huaqing Parker road reopened, will promote the purchase of real estate prices in Chinatown, who will benefit. The Chinatown Partnership local development agency chief executive officer Chen Zuozhou also pointed out that the government is the largest Chinatown buildings and housing rent control, the number of shared apartments and cooperative apartment only rarely, and Lin (Chatham Tower), the tower and forest green (Chatham Green) and a few.相关的主题文章: