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Travel-and-Leisure AATC is also known as the American Association for Taxi Cabs that can assist the Taxi-Cab drivers in the states to stand against the illegal monopoly and bad regulation of the government. Driver of these states are driving more than 20 hours per day on road that is creating more danger for their life and passenger as well. On the other hand, driver of these states are offering $20,000.00 to $50,000.00 per year as annual revenue to continue driving and licensed of their car. It is also never possible for them to manage within their limited in.e. However, you can get more ideas about the AATC by login in site to get more about it. The taxi cab drivers in US have from century been fighting the illegal monopoly, the bad regulation by the local governments a well as unfair .petition. They generally should drive unsafe cars & stay twelve hours, sixteen hours or twenty hours on road every day to make your ends meet. The situation puts the life, and pedestrians, passengers as well as other cars in danger. Main cause of the problem is local governments, which are mainly responsible to regulate taxi cab industry refuse issue drivers the permit that we call, the medallion. Due to this, the cab drivers are been obligated to pay around $20,000.00 – $50,000.00 every year from the annual revenue for leases to continue driving licensed vehicle. Majority of them generally assert they dont make 1/3 of what they actually pay to .panies. Taxi Cab Driver Discrimination Have the Detail to Make Journey Safe! There are a several things that you should know about taxi cab driver discrimination if you are living in the US. Rules for operating taxi cabs in the US cities may vary. However, from a passengers perspective its always better to know taxi cab driver discrimination rules and regulations that are implemented for different US cities. Knowing the taxi cab driver discrimination can really make your journey safer and smoother. In order to know more about the taxi cab driver discrimination, you can also visit the This site can also offer you several other details related to taxi cab rules and laws. There are many wrong happening in society today within taxi industry; also many of those are doing best to enforce the Cab Drivers Rights & by making the Taxi Association & to tell congress and government about many practices, which showcase the Taxi Cab Driver Discrimination end. And these people are the professions who are here serving people want want them on the daily basis; however now, the .panies and people with money take benefit of this situation & make this impossible for an average Cab driver to actually enjoy rewards of their efforts. Many forms of the Public Transportation Association US are doing little since they are not very effective & efficient possible to make the Transportation Human Rights Violation stop or decrease to some extent. Remember, Medallion isnt the favor and privileged to anybodys gain and selfish purposes. Taxi Association Implemented Some Effective Rules! Taxi association in US seems to be enough mature. There is a mature system implemented in order to make these taxi cabs safer from the drivers as well as from the passengers perspective. For most of the US cities, licensing schemes are announced by the taxi association. This also helps in restricting the taxi cabs on the road. The steps taken by the taxi association is also helping the US roads to receive allowed numbers of taxi cabs and avoiding the unwanted traffic. The taxi association has also implemented the rules to have the medallion if a taxi cab driver wishes to pick passengers in NYC. To have the balanced control over happening in taxis, which operate under network then you have the new system of the video surveillance, which operates in manner same to working of the video surveillance systems in the home security. An only exception in 2 systems is in the taxi surveillance cameras are been installed in the mobile car whereas in the home safety systems cameras oversee. And in case of the installation of the cameras in taxis you have to keep some facts in your mind. For instance, you have to install the cameras, which are well equipped to handle the low light & dark conditions or deliver the clear images in motion. The cameras should be installed internally to achieve the views of passengers and driver. Camera is positioned above rear view mirror for the .prehensive view of cab’s interior. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: