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Sports-and-Recreation Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Many more people bike for fun now than ever have. Thousands of miles of new trails are added each year through various charities and local mountain biking clubs. Part of the new mountain biking craze has led to an explosion in different professional riding circuits in the world of .petitive mountain biking. There are more than 15 circuits in the sport of professional mountain biking. There are two main governmental bodies that oversee professional mountain biking. They are: UCI which stands for Union Cycliste Internationale and NORBA which oversees mountain biking in the United States. Many sports enthusiasts could not recognize anyone famous from the mountain biking circuit because of lack of exposure on television. Here is a list of ten of the sports most famous heroes of mountain biking. * Matt "Alex" Rogers * James Ward * Charlie Peat * Juli Furtado * Mark Weir * Charlie Kelly * Brian Lopes * Pali Akos * Chris Cheers * Dave Watson Some of these most famous riders and visionaries rode and some were the pioneers of the sport from a financial standpoint. Here is an image of one of the many trails that .prise the mountain biking series put on by NORBA. http: [email protected] /6353948237. These trails are carefully created and approved by NORBA for .petition purposes. Much like golf, mountain bike racing uses an area for their races that is open later for public consumption. This is one of the interesting things about mountain biking and one of the reasons that mountain biking is so popular. It allows for the .mon person or weekend enthusiast to take their mountain bike out on a .petition trail and ride it for themselves. Mountain biking is a dangerous sport and many of its heroes have paid a great price with their bodies. Pali Akos was almost killed in an accident that left him partially paralyzed from the waist down. He has since recovered full use of his extremities. Many of these trails and stunts are so dangerous that signs are up because of the potential of a serious injury or even death. http: [email protected] /6362492235. In conclusion, mountain biking has grown in popularity in the United States and all over the world in the past ten years. It offers a chance to get in shape or even make a living if in a professional capacity. Many trail enthusiasts owe their part-time fun to many heroes who have blazed trails before them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: