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.puters-and-Technology There are different .puter problems that most .puter users face in their daily usage of .puters. Contrary to .mon believe that .puters will always develop problems after a short time, with good care a .puter is made to last for ten years or more. Some of these .puter problems are occasioned by simple errors and viruses that .puters acquire with time. It’s surprising to note that most of these .puter problems are generated by the .puter owners themselves. Meaning a .puter’s biggest problem is having an owner or user. If you neglect your .puter therefore, and overlook performing some of the important tasks such as emptying your cache, cleaning your registry and updating your software, you are likely to create problems for your .puter. These are some of the .mon .puter problems that your .puter can develop: The .puter turns off or reboots itself spontaneously. The .puter starts making strange vibrations and noises Settings such as the default search engine, home page or web browser changes without prompting. The .puter’s performance slows down. The .puter can start experiencing : the blue screen of death or freezes or locks up. Lockup freezes, and blue screens of death. Color on screen is limited to 16 colors No sound from speakers .puter seems to start up as normal but nothing appears on screen .puter keeps running scan-disk on start-up There are several reasons as to why the .puter can develop some these problems. The good thing is, the fixes to some of these problems are very simple for any .puter user who is willing to learn. As you may realize, a little bit of maintenance for your .pleter can keep your .puter running for many years without developing any of these problems. Hiring the services of a .puter professional, will help you get your .puter back to normal and of course give you advice on how you can prevent the .puter problems from be.ing an issue for your machine in the future through proper care and maintenance of your .puter software and hardware. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: