Ma Huateng open letter to partners open ecological trees changed forest

Ma Huateng partners open letter: open ecological "tree" into "forest" Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng (micro-blog) Tencent Francisco "with partners to build a new ecological we are from" a big tree "to" grow a forest "." September 7th, Ma Huateng, chairman and chief executive officer of the board of directors of Tencent Inc, an open letter to his partner, depicting what he saw, is undergoing a revolutionary change in the Internet, the new ecosystem". It is worth noting that the 2016 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference September 22nd will be held in Fuzhou, the eve of the General Assembly issued an open letter to partners, Ma Huateng means that the opening strategy of Tencent has been thinking and summary of milepost type. In the early stage of the introduction of Tencent open platform, many people think of it as a tree, that partners need to be able to get access to the entrance and flow. At present, this kind of tree structure is becoming a ‘go to the center’ of the network structure, the formation of the independent growth of partners, partners in a number of areas with the opening of the new ecological Tencent." Ma Huateng in the open letter pointed out that the Tencent over the past few years focused on the connection, "half life" to the partners, adhere to the center, to help partners grow into independent platform and ecosystem, Jingdong, drops, the U.S. group, 58 city, Ctrip in close cooperation with the partners in the rapid growth of Tencent. "We are very clear, solitary forest hard wood. It is possible to grow into a forest only by giving the genes of open sharing." Ma Huateng believes that the spirit of openness of Tencent, derived from social genes – social networking is a natural network to encourage open sharing between friends. In the future, our new ecosystem will grow a lot of vertical subdivision ecology, each partner can be open to share, free connection." In addition, Ma Huateng also pointed out that support for the development of ecological infrastructure partners are iterative. Cloud, LBS (location-based services), mobile payments, big data and security capabilities to become a new infrastructure." This greatly reduces the growth of start-up companies Unicorn time, Uber, Airbnb, Wework and drops travel and other global market capitalization of the top ten Unicorn company, relying on the rapid growth of the sharing of the economy. In the "push Internet plus" and "new technology +", ecological space will be large-scale expansion. Finally, Ma Huateng predicted that the domestic Internet industry will face more intense ecological competition in the future, we have to build confidence and cooperation partners and partners, new and old friends a new ecosystem to promote innovation, total growth." 2016 Tencent Global Partner Conference Agenda and registration code for the following two-dimensional Ma Huateng open letter full text: fellow partners, we ushered in the history of the Tencent’s sixth global partner conference. Over the past year, a growing number of start-up companies stand out from the Tencent open platform, this cup of coffee does not cool. With the Tencent business service platform and a space in the 30 and 70 million floor city development, small and medium-sized enterprises will face us entrepreneurs, bring online and offline, all stages of the business service. I remember five years ago, we proposed to cooperate with partners to create "the Internet has no boundaries, open up and share the new eco". Now, we are standing on the new!相关的主题文章: