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Liu Yong: love him! Scold him less – Sohu 1 sister with maternal eldest son to return to Taiwan, one hundred and ninety cm, sixteen years old boy ran back to help mother to carry things and sorting out the data by computer, the envy of a group of relatives and friends, ask her what to teach. "Not how to teach! They grow up to be like this. "Inside the younger sister laughs a.. She said it was right, and because of busy work, over the past decade, she did not even burn a few meals. But every child is very good, work is also very good. Although my parents seldom go to the school to attend, but often received the child home awards. One day, a girl in the play, I see the children separated soon in the past, the mother ran to hug kiss mama. Curious to ask the four children, why is so close to her mother? "Mom loves us. Answer "four children by common consent. Mrs. often says that her good friend, Lilian, is very much like my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law is "the pastor’s wife", Lilian is the senior Tzu Chi volunteers. In addition to busy all day long church, and every Sunday afternoon, regardless of wind and snow, and her husband on the streets of New York missionary. In addition to Lilian for Tzu Chi activities, to the old man with the old man singing game center, and every day to help the U.S. government drive dinner for the elderly. Lilian’s children are also handsome, good homework. Just a few years ago, my wife used to hear from Lilian that her son’s grades were ninety, eighty, or seventy, and there were no more. Lilian laughed and said, "how wonderful!"! B C D A all have. Fortunately, the greater the child, the more progress, and now has become a full A gifted students. It is said that one day Lilian asked the boy why he knew he was diligent. The child said, "Mommy never gave me pressure. When I was young, I did not feel, but gradually grew up, began to feel ashamed, how to test so bad, my mother also boast? Have no choice but to work hard. "3 to watch news programs on TV, the juvenile court reported Lu Suwei, when I was a child of five, was admitted, mother thinks he is a low IQ, scold, gave him a chicken to eat. Lu Suwei sat at the door on the leg, saw the classmate also took the report card to the parents. The neighbor dad a turn: "one hundred, one hundred, one hundred, one hundred, huh? How to test this ninety, but also very much? "Lu Suwei" is pointing to the neighborhood kids fell into the house of wei! "But Lu Suwei later himself desperately, into the police school, with third graduates. With his childhood and his experience, "Dickinson led the youth", many find the lost children. 4 I have a friend’s wife, to be strict with their children. One day, her daughter went to college to play, said to go home before eleven. That night, she also had a party, the door, feel tired, and clothes lying in bed, did not expect to sleep. Suddenly woke up at night, think of second days to come to my house for dinner, she is responsible for the "Luo Tang" has not been burned, and quickly ran into the beef into the pot boil. Half awake, sitting on a kitchen chair. At this time her daughter quietly into the door, a glance to see his mother, scared相关的主题文章: