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Leshan Giant Buddha side discovered natural rock " Sanjiang Saint " (map) [original title] Sichuan Leshan Giant Buddha is found near the "patron saint of Sanjiang" by the Leshan Giant Buddha, a height of about 10 meters of rock, like a statue of the head face in profile, overlooking Sanjiang (Emei, Minjiang, Qingyi River and Dadu River)…… 10 years ago, Leshan photographer Du Mingyin inadvertently found the piece of stone, the name "Sanjiang patron saint", and began a 10 year long shot. Now, 10 years after the fruits of October 30th, Du Mingyin in the "Leshan Giant Buddha documentary photography next to the discovery, the patron saint of Sanjiang" was held in Leshan premiere. Du Mingyin (photo: Huaxi Dushi Bao) 78 years old this year, Du Mingyin, love photography for decades. 10 years ago, he has spent 27 days in Leshan Giant Buddha next to Ma Hao village shooting Minjiang sunset, fisherman shot. "A total of 335." Du Mingyin said, in finishing the photos, he was surprised to find that there is a boulder, forehead, nose, mouth clear, like a person’s head profile. This statue is about 10 meters high, in Lingyun mountain side, which left the Leshan Giant Buddha, even the "mainstay" several characters, backed by the Millennium Ma Hao cliff, overlooking Sanjiang, Emei face. Because the stone is located in Sanjiang at the confluence of the cliff, Du Mingyin is the name of "Sanjiang" patron saint ", this statue is not made since the days since, in the night guarding the vessel, protecting the safety of fishermen people?" Since then, Du Mingyin to stone as the center, began 10 years of filming. In the documentary photography in "Sanjiang" in the guardian included, Leshan Giant Buddha, Sanjiang, at the confluence of Wuyou mountain river scenery, there are ma Hao fishing village 10 years of vicissitudes of life. Du Mingyin also took many people, Ma Hao fisherman’s heroic deeds of the water to save the ship. (source: WCC) 10 years of filming, Du Mingyin also took many people, Ma Hao fisherman’s heroic deeds of the water to save the ship. Leshan famous history scholars Tang Changshou commented, "the patron saint of Sanjiang" is the nature of the wonderful and extraordinary as if done by the spirits, a courageous Ma Hao traditional fisherman, enrich the meaning of "patron saint". A national writer Chen Dezhong also said, "the patron saint of Sanjiang" added a new album for the wonders of Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area, Ma Hao fisherman fishing life into a living chain connecting Lingyun hill and uyu hill.相关的主题文章: