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The full range of children leisure shopping, walking in the street also make people drunk over! – Sohu has a high grade temperament, high profile lines freely flowing style of writing. The weight of the weight of the silk to create, feel thick and fleshy, soft and soft gloss, JUE value. Three color, each color is very good! The summer travel season, want to play the game and the sun but also can protect the skin moist and white, first HAT + skirt! Hat can not only block the summer sun more sinister, turn bad into good effect, make a plain dress inadvertently reveals the goddess fan children ~ wide brim, elegant, light material, the feeling of summer hat will always be the same! Your favorite and all-match wardrobe choice certainly when. The weather is getting hotter, and all kinds of T-shirts can be worn! In particular, the TEE of cotton, everyone in the wardrobe of the styles are a lot, with very convenient. 16 summer share! Every year the necessary money to!! The upper body does not pick people, who look good! Cotton elastic fabric, tentacles smooth, cool, moderate elastic, comfortable wearing fresh clothes ~ great sense of style prints, enhanced styling performance, outline the pure childlike; version straight, do not pick the age and stature, thin and delicate overall texture, four printing, super by age! Have a high rate of appearance, wearing a single safe. Like to wear silk friends, must not resist this charm! To create a real wear high single product, this T-shirt is a concentrated expression of this idea. Using extremely comfortable and environmentally friendly natural 100% silk fabric, comfortable, smooth, breathable, skin, drape and softness and cool air, round the clavicle with elegant subtle, more feminine beauty. Multicolor optional, easy to match, a very good effect of thin! 16 spring and summer new style, full of women ~ delicate eyelashes lace cutting, hazy translucent sense to introduce a rich level effect. In the process of meticulous embroidery, outline the graceful flowers, carved between the hollow, has partly hidden and partly visible enchanting flavor. Stitch is fine, even at the seams nor other large decohere, can be assured in. Modeling simple and generous, sets the head style, the inside and outside wear good wear. With half skirt, jacket, jeans, shorts are feel~ fine silk suit, exquisite skill. Selection of natural silk fabrics, fabric is smooth, glossy, wearing a cool breathable, natural and comfortable, with fresh and natural, hygroscopic characteristics. The classic black system, showing the woman’s light mature charm, temperament retro elegant; playful pink, lining color, interpretation of the romantic atmosphere. Classic suit style, a buckle shape, the details can withstand critical eye, texture is good! Early autumn season essential suit! 16 spring and summer new, who belongs to the young who wear the style. A simple dress, a minute let people return to the age of 20, have long legs. Love this version of the type of dress is simple and elegant, A version, do not pick people, especially hip big MM, Xiao Bian is such a figure, wearing super thin!相关的主题文章: