Josephine Ho in a good mood at the end of the movie box office rosy new advent (video) 9c8836

Josephine Ho in a good mood at the end of the movie box office rosy new advent [Abstract] Josephine Ho, a blue and white landscape photos, on the social networking platform before the release of the accompanying text: "to greet the new day". To share a clear sky in my heart thousands of miles. Josephine Ho drying out the good mood Josephine Ho Tencent entertainment news Hongkong artist Josephine Ho the social platform released a blue sky scenery photos, with the text: "a new day", to share a piece of the sky in my heart thousands of miles. In order to be able to take care of ailing husband undivided attention, ultra meter shutdown for more than half a year. Now the family health has become increasingly stable, at the same time, she starred in the film "27" spring scenery in France after the release of the box office with a superb reputation, good news followed, encouraging that ultra meter also receives unlimited positive energy. It is reported that the "27" in the infinite spring release after the box office, also won a good reputation in the film, Josephine Ho is moved overseas audience support, especially said: "Qiu Jinhai’s aesthetic style, the art of light and professional spirit, is the key to the success of this film, thank the director let me become a member of the team thanks for all the good." Then all the actors and crew also issued a photo, see she is very cherish this experience. In music, from Josephine Ho a Mandarin album "rock girl" has been issued for nearly 2 years, he and the band is also currently in sea urchin offspring in full pursuit, plans to send a new album, the first wave hit song more is expected to launch during the year. Hongkong artist Josephine Ho was named female Title husband friends blessing ceremony相关的主题文章: