JOJO summit! Latest web click list

JOJO summit! The latest web site list published in recent years, through the network to watch the animation has long been a habit of many people. Therefore, a good click rate of the work, at least from the popularity of the people will not be disappointed. And recently, the Japanese online video site videomarket announced the latest issue of the animation hits. Among them, to get the top of the work is "the wonderful adventure of JOJO fourth: indestructible diamond". The TV animation of this work after the broadcast, with its stable quality, as always, won the support of fans. The recent official also announced that it would be made in the live version of sage Yamazaki, so many fans sister also tried to watch the animation in advance, to understand the live version of possible plot. Coupled with the current circulation of the original comic series has exceeded 90 million copies, can be said to represent one of the works of Japanese animation. And second of the work is the end of a period of time, "Re: the world of life from scratch". Despite the end of the animation, but the official will continue this month to launch a new novel, it will attract more and more people into the pit. As for the discussion of the end of the animation, who is the real owner of the dispute, and so on, will also continue in the next period of time. In the past few weeks has been the top of the list of crazy animal city fell to third this week. But even so, it was a terrible achievement. After all, from the works released in Japan has been over for a long time, but still can attract so many people to watch, which shows itself with the amazing charm works. The fourth is beyond all expectations, the work is adapted from Yoshihiro Togashi’s comic books under the "youyoubaishu". This book has become fashionable for a time in 90s when the characters’ image has become a lot of fans of the classic animation. Perhaps because of this, there are a lot of people called on the government to re create the animation of this work, so that we get a better viewing experience. Ranked fifth in the works is "H× H", the magical Academy; although the works in the Blu ray sales performance in general, but perhaps just because of the many fans, not too embarrassed to buy dish. As a result, watching on the network has become a very good choice. And it works even though most of the scenes are shot, but JiaBuZhu H lens is really awesome, so fifth is makes sense things. In addition, "Marmalade Boy" "clockwork elf wars day mirror North Star" "monster" an unpleasant "Macross" and "delta lust legend the X" and other works are also on the list. The latest network [first] Click list "JOJO adventure fourth: Eternal diamond" second "Re: started from different world life" third "crazy animal city" fourth under the "youyoubaishu" fifth "H× H", the magical; Sixth "Marmalade Boy" seventh a "clockwork elf wars day mirror North Star" eighth "unpleasant" monster an ninth "Macross" delta tenth "love legend the X download" hot Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works相关的主题文章: