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Jiangxi scenic tourism consumption of the new phenomenon of   the self driving car camp construction to open a new "money king"   – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn September 29th to greet National Day, Le’an County Jin Zhu Xiang culture of She nationality in the auditorium, the girls happily danced the traditional dance. Newspaper reporter Lin Jun photo: the world is so big, I want to see." Tourism has become the daily consumption choice of residents in our country. In the mass tourism, the national tourism has come to the moment, the development of the tourism industry trends and new trends closely linked with everyone. New standards for the implementation of the old tour, the network about the tour becomes a reality, VR travel products will soon be born…… This year, the new consumer demand is constantly being adapted to the traditional tourism formats are trying to upgrade to better serve the public. "13th Five-Year" is a period of tourism in our province to carry catch opportunity, comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the critical period of deepening reform, innovation period and the construction of tourism province battle. This will concern the new phenomenon, our province tourism consumption trends, analysis of new consumer demand, to provide convenience for the public to travel. The holidays are not go to the famous scenic spots, but to drive around the city quiet, and friends and chat, enjoy the scenery. The self driving travel stop go that the characteristics of the new phenomenon of self driving car camping tour and a gradual rise of consumption. Our province senior game player Chen felt a lot. "10 years ago drove to Wuyuan to play, everybody was watching for a long time. The Spring Festival this year, and the family in Hainan Island island for a week, every day we live near the sea, the car became "Seaview"." He said at the time, the beach there are other car stationed, slow way of life on behalf of RV camping began to be more acceptable. Development of self drive RV camping, camp construction is the priority among priorities. In recent years, many state departments issued a series of self driving cars on speeding up the camp construction documents, in support of national policy, the country is accelerating the construction of self driving car parks. In July, the self driving car parks will promote the construction of our province held in Mount Sanqingshan. According to the Provincial Tourism Committee, responsible person, the self driving car travel is emerging form of tourism development in our province, in the initial stage, the broad prospects of development. Reporters learned that the implementation of the relevant opinions is expected to be introduced during the year, will make full use of existing resources will be the development of tourism and urban construction, the construction of beautiful countryside organic integration. Mount Sanqingshan Dayun RV holiday camp is the province’s first home caravan holiday camp. In September 27th, Mount Sanqingshan fairy Valley Scenic Area, the reporter saw some modern RV and the surrounding paddy fields, people’s homes, such as landscape Xiangyingchengqu pastoral scenery. In addition to cars, huts, tents and other camps and other ways of living for tourists to choose. According to the deputy director of the office of Mount Sanqingshan maple Gan Zhicheng, the camp and fishing, swimming, picking and other crops for tourists to choose additional items. "We create a" mountain tour live "concept, stay overnight visitors, to further promote the economic development of rural tourism." During the Spring Festival in 2015, tourists from Mount Sanqingshan to travel about 70%, during the Spring Festival this year, the proportion of up to 80%. Mount Sanqingshan scenic area CMC Tourism Bureau official said,相关的主题文章: