Jiangnan leather factory! Chinese Bridge to dance alienware m17x

Jiangnan leather factory! "Chinese Bridge" variable ball "Jiangnan leather factory" entry site Sina entertainment news fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" World University Chinese game has aired two programs, praised by the audience, all God questions are a hot topic on the Internet, many netizens express up knowledge and get unlimited fun. Before the "5D answer", "Chinese characters mahjong" and other new quiz way for everyone to find everything fresh and new links "in this program, a new shape in a will also bring you the same surprise, this part of Belarus high Lengxue Ba Ma Shi" to an enemy three and finally ushered in with "the ultimate showdown Sakura Curve Wrecker" said Li Shamin. "Chinese king uncle God questions reproduction, Colonel Maksui carries on the depth analysis, after Jay Chou’s Divine Comedy" shuangjiegun "," Jiangnan leather factory "discovered" Chinese Bridge "scene, kichiku music and funny lyrics" Hi "turned the scene. "The ultimate answer" in the "full" valorous "female hunter" airborne scene is magnificent, the mathematical genius of Andre three wins mathematical Curve Wrecker nature show host Jiang Hongjie, four game winning streak into the "goddess of the answer". Mike Sui field analysis of "Uncle God" "Jiangnan leather factory" into chaos field "ball" and the first phase of the program’s uncle question of God as like as two peas reproduction, the site is "tragedy", players once again be considered ignorant, "red group" headed by Maksui on the subject of in-depth analysis of second "solving the great God, Dai Rui said he really hope that they will have eight uncles red envelopes. "Dice" pronunciation controversy, Li Erbin as the only players out of the seckill, anchor group Liu Xinran read the correct pronunciation make people sit up and take notice, experts detailed explanation for all click into place. "Jiangnan leather factory" discovered "Chinese Bridge", let the music scene kichiku seconds "ball", the host and the players all yiyanbuge "Hi". The lyrics are changed after the "Jiangnan leather factory" of the "market", the title of the players in different parts of speech, the applicable scope of the word understanding, as a happy young face pack Ke to choose the "all" option is judged wrong, "silly white sweet" Ma Chao get excited shouting accident. When the host asked who sell things, Li Ke imitation "player demo" Jiangnan leather factory to peddle self bar, the results of all agree that he is more like a gold football commentator, Belarus high Lengxue pa "can you sell adorable" in a amused crowd. Cold Charlie horse poetry to an enemy three against Lee Shamin sub ultimate showdown "foreign Mstching" is a new link "shape filled, two members need to write in with the word" female "word, washed off the head of the delegation Mike Sui" attempt "suppress morale:" in the anchor group are now playing mobile phone, will forget the word pen, anchor group without interference with confidence to meet the challenges. Time, the market situation is "passing of night" "like a new game, the foreign players created panic Chinese characters, anchor group spent male anchor" detachment". Cold Belarus angels Ma poetry placid to an enemy three to anchor group, write many Chinese is not easy to write or do not know the Chinese characters such as "Yan" and "presentation", in rapid succession eliminated two anchor, wonderful performance won)相关的主题文章: