It’s no wonder that all of them buy expensive and cheap jewelry

No wonder Taylor buy cheap but it looks luxury jewelry lead: female stars hundreds of millions of dove is not looking at the egg itch? Female stars are old fashion all-match do not know where to buy accessories are not looking to start? We congratulate you, for you to find a high quality and inexpensive, fashionable and bright and will catch it! (reprinted from the ELLE Chinese network) looked at five digits can not get? In fact, the price is only 110! Guess the price buddies might guess, this looks bright, comparable to advanced level diamond jewelry red carpet need how many money? Guess the price and a dynamic effect diagram, eye! Word day, at least to a ten? In fact, its price is only 378 pounds, equivalent to about RMB 2500. There’s a whole row and a whole row! In fact, the price of each ring is not more than 3000 yuan. Of course, these beautiful Cocktial ring and although real gemstones can match, but as a fashionable collocation can let the girl addicted. Let the girl over the addiction this is comparable to the real diamond jewelry really come from the London jewelry brand CARAT*, one of the most famous cocktail ring. In order to meet the girls’ desire dove eggs, CARAT* launched a cocktail of no less than more than and 30 models. Prop up the facade, played a fashion, the key is not expensive, it is no wonder that they have bought mold! London jewelry brand "CARAT*" in the big cousin Downton also put it on the Emmy red carpet. You can also find true love, like Zhao Liying does! Of course, compared to the daily wear jewelry accessories, the presence of cocktail ring or Over some. However, it is not urgent, in the CARAT* can also find suitable for work and go out hi leather fashion jewelry. First look at the small Zhao Liying wearing long earrings, although Xiao wearing it occasions in the arena, but the simple appearance brought work dress collocation also properly properly. Zhao Liying CARAT* mildew wearing this ring is also the most popular minimalist wind. Taylor Swift will wear Olivia Palermo, it is worth mentioning that the Olivia second now is the identity of jewelry designers, such as whether she’s eye is still very worth of jewelry. Olivia Palermo Heard Amber wearing a simple line, suitable for wearing a long diamond necklace. Amber Heard from the ring to the ring,. Compared to the cocktail ring, suitable for daily jewelry price is more refined, the overall price is 1000 yuan. London jewelry brand CARAT* London jewelry brand CARAT* London jewelry brand CARAT* Amway for so long, it is time to talk about the origin of CARAT* CARAT* was founded in 2003, founded by the British Scott Thompson. Fashion jewelry accessories in the van相关的主题文章: