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Is this some wrong face garrotte cosmetic makeup tips makeup common disfigurement is equal to the wrong way the women are now no make-up do not go out, the makeup for modern women, is almost a necessary skill. But a lot of women obviously do not have a good grasp of this skill, easy to make some common mistakes in makeup, do not look down upon these small mistakes, may destroy you oh. Makeup of these taboos, you pay attention to it? This is a common mistake in the hands and face, and many women’s beauty is being destroyed by the problem. So for the beauty of women, not only to carefully build their own facial makeup, but also pay attention to their hands and neck makeup oh! At least to the upper foundation, to solve the problem of color oh! Concealer cover only one place you use Concealer only cover the black eye of the place? That’s wrong! In the eyes of the triangular area of the smear evenly, weakening the edge, so that it will look natural enough. Continue to fill powder if all the time to fill in the face powder and rouge rouge deposited on top of the face will appear very unsightly spots at the end of the first nose will because of oil powder and mixed black constantly. Coated with mascara and then eyelash curler this is a completely wrong approach, a good Mascara eyelashes will be relatively heavy, and stiff. At this time if you use the eyelash curler is likely the consequence is that the eyelash along down, if not out, clip out point is very rigid and straight upwards, no beauty at all. Cosmetic products for too long if your eye shadow for several years has never changed, please throw away! These beauty products also have a shelf life, from several months to two years, the product composition, the characters will change not to say, but also easily lead to allergies, The loss outweighs the gain. Cosmetics with other people may become a disease of infectious agents, therefore, do not mess with other cosmetics makeup, and do not have their own cosmetics used to lend to others. In the wrong light on the makeup of many women should have encountered such a problem, when the makeup at home feel very natural, but when it becomes very heavy makeup, seriously damaged the image of their own. And this can not be separated from the wrong light oh! If you want to avoid embarrassment, it’s best to do our makeup work by the window. A blush blush with don’t think much, the face will be red like apples so sweet, if you do, will let others think you are a confused fashion of the elderly, if you can not handle this style of age (such as children), please do not use a lot of blush. Eye shadow painted deep eyes too deep deep eye shadow can not fan in Europe, and more like our national treasures, like the eyes glazed two or three days did not sleep well. So, if you pay special attention to eye shadow, please try to learn how to make good eye shadow, but not blindly deepen the color. More exciting activities please pay attention to health information and health Chu [(dachujiankang)] WeChat public Tencent Chu WeChat matrix: Hubei’s largest mobile terminal matrix system, comprehensive coverage of 17 cities in Hubei, covering news, marriage, real estate, Home Furnishing, health and fashion)相关的主题文章: