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IPhone7 if you can not get Chinese users will be sought? Sohu technology iPhone7 7 knife horse Plus, but Chinese user enthusiasm and compared to the past is far from. Even Reuters also wrote that Apple’s iPhone conference was dubbed the Chinese science and technology industry ‘Spring Festival’, each will cause great attention to the media and users of science and technology. But on the iPhone 7 conference, Chinese Internet users are generally lukewarm response, which just highlights the challenges faced by apple in China to reproduce the glory of the past." This time the iPhone7 cut off the original headphone hole, launched a wireless headset, iPhone7 Plus price over 7000, headphones, more than 1 thousand. It is a "Top 7" iPhone Plus to close down the million mark, if there are any cattle reselling words and the price is more expensive. The concern is that with the publication of the iPhone7, all come tucao. CNN Finance said: Apple has finally abandoned the despised 16GB. Since 2010 iPhone 4, Apple has been insisting on a minimum capacity of 16GB. But after 5 years, 16GB for users increasingly difficult. USA Today: iPhone released very few such expected, Apple has lost the magic and become chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival in innovation. CNET said: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus impressive, but lack of upgrade power. 43% netizens said the new iPhone is not interested. TechCruch said: Apple said the headset interface is canceled because of courage. ArsTechnica said: not so much iPhone 7, it is better to say that the iPhone 6S two generation. But also on the wireless headset AirPods and cancel the 3.5mm headphone interface Tucao more concentrated. "How do you find your lost Apple Wireless Headset?" "If I lose one of the headphones, I’ll have to pay another $159 for a set." "The price is 159, it really takes courage." In fact, in China, the Internet users are not so enthusiastic about iPhone7. Especially with the rapid rise of China domestic mobile phone manufacturers, whether in technology, user experience, and the price are in the forefront of the industry, this is different from the past, but also has more advantages in terms of price. Chinese users of local products in the recognition of the increasingly high, which reflects from one aspect of China local manufacturers of product research and development ability, application ability, and even in some aspects of innovation to cater to the needs of users, more importantly, Chinese local manufacturers also began to invest more in technology, even innovation ability is also verified market. In addition, Chinese local manufacturers competitiveness has gradually increased, in the global mobile phone market share is rising, while profit margins than apple iPhone so high, but with the share of stagflation, Apple also suffered no small pressure, even from Wall Street analysts)相关的主题文章: