IPhone next year, not only did not even have a headset jack home key (video) pr011.msi

From next year iPhone did not even have the headset jack Home key BI Chinese station iPhone reported in September 14th 7 has not yet begun shipping on next year’s new iPhone rumors have spread out, this is because the iPhone 7 did not significantly upgrade in the last year based on iPhone. However, according to industry insiders and a number of media predicted that next year’s iPhone is likely to be an important upgrade. According to New York Times reporter Blaine · X· Chen (Brian X. Chen) reported that, according to Apple’s two employees revealed that next year’s iPhone will have a significant change in the two. He wrote: next year’s iPhone may still have no headphone jack, and the next year’s iPhone will not be equipped with solid Home buttons, but the built-in virtual keys on the screen. This is Apple’s two employees, because the details of the product is still confidential information, so they do not want to disclose their identity." This report confirms the previous news. Now, it is said that the apple to add some new features in next year’s ten anniversary celebration of iPhone, including wireless charging and anti glare screen. According to market rumors, Apple fans and well-known technology blogger John · Gruber (John Gruber) that Home keys will be built into the glass panel. This means that next year’s iPhone looks like a big screen. These details and KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji mentioned in the report of the information investors are consistent. It is said that Apple’s chief designer Jonny · (Jony) want to make next year’s iPhone looks like a piece of glass, Ivy". And the chief executive of one of Apple’s leading suppliers said that one of the models for next year’s iPhone will be made of glass. (compile Lin Jingdong) video recommendation technology [] 27 meow meow Ming Dynasty astronaut is killed in plane crash recommendation: focus on Tencent (ID:qqdigi), WeChat digital officer gets apple iPhone 7, the latest information, Purchasing Guide, a detailed evaluation, a video and interactive broadcast everything. Chat chat point what? Look here.相关的主题文章: