International financial forum focused on China’s topic the new normal financial regulation of the RM

International Finance Forum on Chinese topic: RMB new normal financial supervision – Beijing News Agency Xinhua: September 2 Shanghai International Finance Forum on Chinese topic: RMB new normal financial supervision author Miu Lu is being held in the Shanghai International Financial Forum (IFF) thirteenth global annual meeting of the global political and economic pundits have Chinese topic in response to concerns of the world, the current hot RMB into SDR (SDR) currency basket, the new economic norm, Chinese inclusive financial supervision topic in-depth interpretation and discussion. RMB into the basket can not be limited to the accounting function of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) decided in October 1, 2016 formally incorporated into the RMB SDR. With the approaching the time node, Chinese in advance to explore obvious to people of SDR using the IFF academic committee, University of International Business and Economics president assistant Ding Zhijie even think that "it can be said Chinese is now the most familiar SDR countries in the world". In 2015, China declared its foreign exchange reserves to IMF for the first time, and constructed the RMB exchange rate index based on the SDR currency basket. Recently, the international bank for reconstruction and development (World Bank) starting RMB SDR bonds Mulan, marking China’s special drawing rights bond market officially opened. But Ding Zhijie said, these are only limited to play the accounting function of SDR". If you want to play in the SDR yuan and the role of global financial governance in Ding Zhijie suggested that the renminbi will change the development of SDR from the goods, financial transactions accounting unit to focus on RMB pricing, that is to say, play a role in the China exchange rate arrangement. In addition, IMF can also set up a fund to support developing countries such as China SDR, SDR is currently assigned to the share based, that is the bigger, more funding, but the demand is actually with other countries are not the same, should be taken into account and exchange rate system hook. Chinese for world economic development to make a real contribution with the rise of emerging economies, China stimulating effect on the world economy is growing, but some discordant voices are also rampant. They believe that since China’s economic landscape here is good, is the main engine of the world economy, then the world economy is a problem, that is caused by China’s economic downturn. The IFF Executive Committee, headed by former Vice Minister Yu Hongjun pointed out that the current world economic situation, we need to work together to find the reasons, shared responsibility and planning way. China is also doing its best to provide China’s wisdom and China’s plan for the recovery and development of the world economy. IFF, the French academic committee of Paris securities (Asia) chief economist Chen Xingdong believes that the supply side reforms, hit program, "The Belt and Road" initiative is Chinese to cope with the current difficulties of the world economy, to guide the economy from the "old normal" to the "new normal" transition to make a real contribution. Inclusive financial regulation to keep up with the pace of the market since 2005, the world bank formally proposed inclusive finance concept, inclusive finance increasingly become an indispensable相关的主题文章: