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Be it a night out with friends, a casual meet with client/colleague or a big gathering of old friends, all of these occasions are in.plete without one thing-Beer. Drinking beer and chomping chicken wings is always favorite of so many to make any night boisterous. And when it .es to enjoying beer with ample of options, everybody loves Singapore bars. If we talk about beer, then the variety is specially selected from different countries to offer impeccable drinking experience to the guests. Here are 30 most loved international beer brands in Singapore: 1. Asahi (Japan) 2. Budwiser (USA) 3. Corona (Mexico) 4. Crown Lager (Australia) 5. Heineken (Holland) 6. James Boags Premium (Australlia) 7. Kirin (Japan) 8. San Miguel (Phillipine) 9. San Miguel Light (Phillipine) 10. Samuel Adams (USA) 11. Stella Artois (Belgium) 12. Tiger Crystal (Singapore) 13. Asahi Black (Japan) 14. Chimay Rouge (Belgium) 15. Chimay Bleue (Belgium) 16. Chimay Tripel (Belgium) 17. Duvel (Belgium) 18. Hoegaarden (Belgium) 19. Kronenberg (France) 20. Kronenberg Blanc (France) 21. Melchers Wheat (Holland) 22. Sapporo Lager (Japan) 23. Suntory Premium Malt 24. 1488 Whisky Bier 25. Green Goblin Cider (UK) 26. Magners Apple Cider (UK) 27. Guinness Stout (UK) 28. Estrella Damm (Spain) 29. Export 33 (New Zealand) 30. Kilkenny (UK) Also, Singapore is counted amidst the places which serves most expensive beers. According to a survey, a typical brew at a bar in Singapore costs a whopping $13.47. Thats 45% more than a beer in Beijing, which is the worlds 15th most expensive city, and 39% higher than one in Tokyo, which is the 10th most expensive place for foreigners. Even Hong Kong, with its similar overall cost of living, has .paratively inexpensive beer, at $9.18a difference of $4.29 per bottle. Indeed, other goods in Singapore, like milk, eggs, and bread, are similarly priced or markedly cheaper in Singapore than other Asian cities. Well, if you are trying to identify the reason behind this, then it is simply the expensive tastes of the people. If we look at the report by the consumer strategy research firm Euromonitor International, then Craft beers gained in popularity as consumers became more adventurous and willing to try new exotic flavours of beers. Microbreweries in Singapore introduced their own craft beer flavours which are manufactured in limited amounts. A quick beer tip for the Sports lovers: Beer is also a perfect .panion when watching sports, so next time when you look up for the best places to watch sports at bar, just give a quick glance to the beer menu served at the restaurant bar so that you enjoy the match with your favorite beer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: