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Travel-and-Leisure The exhibition In praise of Shadows will take place, from November 2008 to May 2009, in three different European cities: Dublin, Istanbul and Athens. In particular Istanbuls Museum of Modern Art will host the exhibition from the 22nd January to the 6th May 2009, with the main works realised by 8 artists .ing from 7 different countries and by two important filmmakers who worked at the beginning of the 19th century. It is self-evident, looking at the title of the exhibition, that the focus will be on shadows, and in particular on the theatre of shadows and on silhouettes. The fact that the exhibition takes place also in Istanbul reminds us of the important role that the tradition of the theatre of shadows has always played in Turkish tradition. Although we do not exactly know to what period this costume dates back, it is believed to have been well-known already in the 16th century, or even in the 14th century, and to have been particularly widespread above all during the Ottoman Empire, reaching also Greece in the 19th century. The main figure of the theatre was Karagz (this name in Turkish means black eye), who stood as a symbol for the .mon man, and shows were focused on his numberless adventures and on the many people he met. An evidence of the importance of this character is given by the fact that the theatre of shadows is also well-known with the name of Karagz. This theatrical form, where some figures are projected on a screen that is illuminated from behind, is be.e, starting from the 20th century, more and more appreciated above all by children, who enjoyed these performances characterised by special marionettes. The exhibition In Praise of Shadows is meant to demonstrate that this particular form of folkloristic art has influenced contemporary art, and to highlight the .mon features existing between these two different means of expression. The aim of the exhibition is ac.plished thanks to the displayed works: there will be around 90 works, including models of theatre, drawings, collages, films, photographs, manuscripts and installations. In particular the exhibition will focus on the works realised by three artists whose works have been particularly influenced by the theatre of shadows: Jockum Nordstrum, Kara Walker and William Kentridge. We can say that the silhouettes installation realised by Kara Walker were inspired by the Karagz, and the artist has recently realised some films using the typical technique of the theatre of shadows. The Karagz is by definition a group of images in motion, and the theatre of shadows can be considered also as a forerunner of cinema and animation movies. For this reason a section of the exhibition will be dedicated to the influence that this type of theatre had on cinema. In particular, it will host some silhouettes and films realised by Lotte Reiniger and Ladislas Starewitch, who, in the first half of the 20th century, created some works that are now considered as the first animation movies. Thanks to the variety that characterises this exhibition, In Praise of Shadows is fit for all, children and cinema lovers, those who are interested in contemporary art as well as those who wish to discover ancient traditions. If you wish to visit a city rich in history and tradition, and which is also particularly bustling from the cultural point of view, Istanbul is the right choice for you. The exhibition In Praise of Shadows, in particular, is a very good chance to join together Turkish and international traditions and art in one event. Book now your cheap hotel in Istanbul. Date: 22nd January – 6th May 2009 Location: Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul, Turkey About the Author: 相关的主题文章: