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.puters-and-Technology When people talk about requirement management tools sometimes it is misinterpreted within the software development. The absence of a proper definition of requirements has been the cause of project failures in the past. Though most IT practitioners intellectually understand the value of developing and maintaining clear and detailed requirements all through the product life cycle, achieving the same can seem .plex. Requirement management tools have always been essential and today its value is being given added emphasis in the software projects. This is because businesses have .e to depend more on the software development life cycle for carrying on business and critical mission functions. Reworks are most accountable for 40 percent of enterprises total expenditure- i.e. the time and money that enterprises cannot afford in todays highly .petitive platform. Most of these rework attempts emphasize on requirements management data that can cost more than 200 times as much as defects that are corrected close to the point of creation. The formal requirements management process elicits stakeholder requirements, captures and .municates requirements to every team member, organizes and prioritizes requirements and also manages the changes to requirements all through the project life cycle. Formal requirements management and definitions are employed in numerous technical disciplines to a greater extent that has been in evidence in the IT arena. Today service providers specializing in agile methodology has .e up requirements management web based application that is optimized for projects that works disseminated between building on your campus as well as on sites round the globe. All the features .prising administrative and configuration processes, are assisted over the web. The application enables the following: Efficient tele.muting Efficient management and control of the offshore projects Better collaboration with multiple internal functional groups Improved collaboration with service partners Advanced requirement management tools offer a configurable and a rich global platform for tracking a suite of requirements, tracing implementation back to the specs. Project objectives and deliverables are shared by various team members in order to collaborate on monitoring requirements globally as well as locally. The tool makes sure that all the developers are operating from the same playbook regardless of their location and that there is no expensive last minute surprises, irrespective of the project being developed in the office next door or by an offshore partner located miles away. Furthermore, the result is a high quality application that caters to what the end user required and .panies with every external and internal requirement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: