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Human fireworks. About the dumplings — [] – eat pork and cabbage dumplings Sohu recently more and more love in the kitchen backlit photos, more and more love the most natural feeling, in the past few days, tidy up the room, in fact nothing can be sorted, but a few days of dust is everywhere, every time I see the dust, my heart is always feeling there was something lingering, clean it, clean it, do not want to move, however, every heart is not a net. So I determined the door, balcony flowerpot, bookshelf, in order to wipe. The kitchen window is also a dirty rag, really do not see the past, and father-in-law made me come to the screen. The father came, said brush on the line, so he got to the bathroom, the screen brush clean, I was in the kitchen wall, shelf ah, and finally in a variety of cleaning work, Dabao before work clean, heart finally clean, and finally feel that night Dabao quiet I say, Dabao joke, as you love clean, in fact, is indeed the initiation of ideas to the entire clean clean after 3 months, it seems, I did not imagine that you will live, nor do you want to get home every day must clean mirror. However, at this time, the heart is in a state of extreme quiet. Today, suddenly, my heart came to buy some tea tea, this idea, and the mood! The dumplings didn’t say, it was a mess! Dumplings are delicious, today specially called material, today Andy exam at the end of the day, feel the recent state is pretty good, at least it is not shortage of blog! Don’t pour out the water out of the cabbage, into the meat stuffing, taste soft and not firewood. A meat stuffing water this thing, when I first really do not dare, because did not fear, stuffing into wet bag not Zenong, later made a bold, you find that in fact the meat really can absorb water, say half a catty of pork pork is 82 water, meaning can you pour water into the water, stirring, water can be absorbed into the meat, of course, do not pour a poured into it, slowly pour a little, after absorbing pour, whether do buns or dumplings, get some water or soup in, meat tastes not firewood, tender tender do not believe you try. For veteran, this practice has not had to say, the kitchen is still a lot of white do not know. There are fillings and skin, there are a lot of people to buy, then buy the right number? It’s best to wrap it up! My proposal is: 1 pounds of stuffing of the skin of 1 pounds, so big difference should be enough. If you are adding radish dishes and the like, the weight will include stuffing. If you buy 250 grams of stuffing, plus 250 grams of radish, you should buy a skin of 500 grams, as!相关的主题文章: