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How to let the child consciously turn off the TV? Sohu in maternal and child life, such a scene you will probably not strange — "! Have you finished your homework? Also watch TV?" "……" "Dumpling! Don’t watch TV! To read a book!" "Oh……" "Hey! I told you not to watch TV! All afternoon! Do not obey the bolt!" "Oh……" "Yeah……" (parents angry pulling bolt TV) "I want to watch tv…… Wow…… I want to watch tv……" I know you’ve been nodding in silence. If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, 80% the kid grew up in a TV environment. Every day will receive a lot of parents and I complained that children use electronic products do not control problems. Electronic products, parents mentioned most of the children watching TV, can not stop. Most of the time, the old man to help us take care of the children during the day, the day fine love aspect law [Bi] series, tear shredded devils Anti Japanese…… Adults, children also follow. In addition, some old people feel lonely at home, put the TV when the background sound. Whether children are reading or playing with toys, they must hear something. When the children rolling on a mood when the TV opened, quasi clean. So many parents allow television to assume the obligation to see the child. There are parents said: I never let our children watch TV, we do not see, our home is a television display, TV this thing to destroy the eyes, but also easy to make people become dull, determined not to let the children touch. If you really have this determination, I will give you 32 points. On the baby watching TV meticulous, baby must not charge calls sent. However, such a hot day, I have to give you a pot of cold water to cool down: your home does not open the TV, does not mean that other places, other places do not open the tv. When he saw the other place to watch cartoons, he would not "drool with envy"? When he can control their own time, you are not afraid of pent up before the kind of electronic products a desire to put the heart burst out? The lack of black hole fill not? So, the key of the problem is not. Do not force their children to watch TV, but let the children learn to watch TV in moderation. The first step: the relevant indicators to understand 1, how long can the child watch TV? As we all know, the flickering screen light can damage the baby’s vision. So, you have to first understand the child every day watching TV is what kind of time: 1 years old do not watch tv. 1-3 years old every day 10-20 minutes, the child is small to see less, a little bigger than 20 minutes. 3-6 years old, every day in 30 minutes, if the child is too small, you can split the time to watch tv. 2, children can watch what programs? Don’t think that children love to watch what to see what others see what let their children see what you have decided to look, then watch the essence! Two years or so, watch the infant, such as "Teletubbies", "EQ" YY rabbit puppet shows, such as miffy,.相关的主题文章: