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How to choose the property market and the stock market? The central bank’s attitude is the key to travel – Sohu is a basic national securities, suffer, see is crowded, ten into ten of the dead. Chinese officials, there has never been a psychological get together, where people go, of course, may also be lucky, not every time I was touched – such as the peak of the 9 winds on the mountain. A cold night, still can retreat from Huashan. Investment, not so lucky. In the stock market, the only thing that is certain is that tomorrow is always uncertain. Professional investors can do is to reduce the probability of uncertainty to 40%, 30%. The heart is the most dangerous thing, there is a reverse investment in human nature. The truth is we buy blue chip, you buy the ticket, you get the ticket, your largest blue chip. When the rose fell to lighten up, when layout. There is a saying, that is a securities company door selling tea Boyle, into the securities hall many people selling tea, fewer people will go to the stock market, the two can make a fortune. That’s the truth. Say simply, do not much, not to mention, the investment is not so simple. In 2016, the market is not the same, a lot of experience in this year was falsificationism. What is behind a candle? How to take the big line after the crash, the inertia of the things are not applicable. The central bank’s attitude is a key to the market. To say that the biggest difference between 2015 and 2016, monetary policy, the former loose, the latter tightened. From the beginning of the end of 2014 RRR cut, the injection of liquidity to the market, perhaps in a very long period of time, we can not see such monetary easing. 2016 years, the central bank through a variety of channels to express monetary policy to be more robust. The stock market immediately, flood irrigation the bull market can not. The more difficult problem is China’s economy. The last round of the central bank water, did not as expected, so much to boost the real economy. Supply side reform can make China’s economic transition smoothly, unknown. The latest data is the steel industry PMI, or to illustrate the problem. In September the steel industry is 49.5% PMI, back below the line ups and downs, the traditional industry is still struggling to live. In the capacity to progress is not up to the standard, the government has promised to strengthen the production capacity of the remaining time in the year. The stock market is about to talk about the supply side reform can be implemented to what extent, determines the future of A shares can go far. This eleven there is a miracle, the purchase of the property market around the introduction of a drum policy, the purchase is not allowed to say that he is a big city. At least from the past more than ten years of experience, Chinese bullish market has never missed, the property market is now 4000 points or 6124 points in the stock market, the stock market, really can not say. But from the government to suppress the intensity of the short term, speculative funds will certainly be squeezed out of part. Then, an old problem lies in the eyes of investors: the property market and the stock market how to choose? Over the past decade or so, the stock market and the property market is basically a process of synchronization with the same direction. The first is the funds come in, the stock market stronger, called on the stock market. ;相关的主题文章: