Hello! Zhao Benshan will present the first show of all proceeds to charity charity nlite

Hello! Zhao Benshan will present the first show of all the proceeds of charitable contributions to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Zhao Benshan will offer live debut in October 1st similar to a live Zhao Benshan Sina entertainment news uncle to play live! September 29th, Zhao Benshan [micro-blog] issued a notice in micro-blog, will be on 21:30 in October 1st, a live broadcast platform for public service, and said that the proceeds will be donated to charity charity. Zhao Benshan said it would be the first show of their own live, would like to experience, if the effect is good, the future will be a lot of participation in public service. September 29th 18:00, Zhao Benshan issued a public service broadcast in micro-blog notice: these days, @ a live platform to invite the truth, I hope I live in a ‘live’ broadcast platform. I heard that a ‘live’ pay more attention to charity live, do public service is also more professional, I promised to do a live broadcast on October 1st 21:30. At my request, I live all income for public welfare, charity dedicated to build schools in poor areas. Although I usually do charity, but in this form is the first time, very strange and very happy, but also want to experience, in a variety of forms to do something for the public good. If the effect is good, I will do some public service in the future, hoping to get the support of my audience and enthusiastic friends like. Immediately to the National Day, to bless the motherland, peace and prosperity Happy birthday, a happy, healthy and happy." (Chen Xuanwen) more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: