Great Costume Ideas For Women-zibba

Holidays It is time to get ready for the Halloween celebrations and one thing that has to be done, whatever else you may avoid, and this is to put on a costume. This is one of the best parts of Halloween as everyone can dress up as whomever they feel like it. You want to be a witch -go for it. So you think you were a pirate wench in a previous life, well maybe you were. Fairy tales are for kids, or are they? Dressing up as one of these characters sound like a good idea. As for historical costumes, you can just about think of a previous century and you will find the costume that was invented just for you. Cleopatra of the Nile, Helen of Troy or one of the Greek goddesses. A warrior Indian girl or one of those witches which were not burnt at the stake (they were too pretty and perhaps knew too much about the local leaders). Vampires – if you look at the available costumes you could easily start to think that not only were they eternally beautiful, but there must have been quite something to encounter. This Halloween should be one to remember and part of how to do this has a lot to do with the costume you wear. If you remember previous Halloween’s and what you dressed up as and perhaps what somebody else wore that struck you as great, you will have a great beginning for your choice. This does not mean using exactly the same one, but perhaps a variation and with your own additions – from make-up to other props. The great thing is that you can also be creative and really go the whole way. 1 There are thousands of different costumes, some totally new, others upgraded from previous years and still more that are popular year in, year out. You can get a full outfit (although some appear to have less things to wear than others), or you can build up your own in many ways. A little, sometimes a lot, of makeup is essential. A wig, perhaps a prop (a sparkling dagger if you are looking to be a pirate queen. for example), some boots, a large belt and so many other accessories that your imagination will pave the way. For this year there are some costumes that will definitely be successful. This will include: * Alice in Wonderland, both Alice and the Queen of Hearts * The Mad Hatter costume for women is outstanding * Avatar Neytiri costume * Witches costumes (where the stereotyped ugly old witch costume has been replaced by a series of fascinating young ones). * Vampires * Medieval and Historical based costumes * and one of my favorites, Pirate costumes. There are some really great and attractive costumes this year (actually there are always some great costumes) for every kind of taste. For a sample of these visit the links below. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: