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GKFX: lower risk aversion, Japan rose USDJPY Yen Yen from $2.16: down to 111 after the current rebound yesterday rose 130 basis points, the highest 114.7, the lowest 113.3, today the uplink key is located at 115.5, down 113.13 U.S. dollars on a key element, or as risk sentiment fell to maintain sustained upward. Strategy point of view: 2.15: U.S. dollar yen rebounded from 113.3 lines, uplink target 115.58 116.15. 2.16: maintain yesterday strategy unchanged below USDJPY dollar / yen chart GBPUSD 2.16 pound against the dollar: pound dollar yesterday reported 1.4535 highest, lowest at 1.4412, intraday decline trend. The technology shows downward at 1.4350 pounds of key area, the main press in 1.4570, sterling short-term or will remain rangebound, reference interval: 1.453-1.44. There has not been a big change in the UK in recent years. The exchange rate remains stable and there is a range of trading opportunities. Strategy perspective: 2.16:1.455 bearish, target 1.445, 1.4350 rebound below GBPUSD GBPUSD chart GKFX 2016-2-16 into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

GKFX: 避险情绪回落,美日上涨   USDJPY美元兑日元:   2.16:美元日元自下行至111.0后,目前展开反弹走势,昨日上涨130基点,最高114.7,最低113.3,今日上行关键位位于115.5,下行关键位113.13,美元日元或将因风险情绪回落保持持续上行。   策略观点:   2.15:美元日元自113.3一线反弹,上行目标115.58 116.15。   2.16:维持昨日策略不变   下图为USDJPY 美元兑日元图表   GBPUSD 英镑兑美元   2.16:英镑美元昨日最高报1.4535,最低报1.4412,日内下跌走势。技术位显示英镑下行关键位位于1.4350一带,主要压制位于1.4570,英镑汇价短期或将维持于区间内波动,区间参照:1.453-1.44。   近期英国未出现较大的基本面变化,汇率保持稳定的波动空间,存在区间交易机会。   策略观点:   2.16:1.455看跌,目标1.445,1.4350看反弹走势   下图为GBPUSD 英镑兑美元图表   GKFX   2016-2-16 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: