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General Secretary Xi Jiangxi condolences to comment: looking back Jinggangshan winning new journey – Sohu News Year Spring Festival approaching, general secretary Xi Jinping came to Jiangxi to visit condolences to the cadres and the masses, the first stop is Jinggangshan. This is general secretary Xi Jinping’s third visit to Jinggangshan. General secretary miss the most, is the development of old revolutionary base areas and people’s well-being; General Secretary of the people, is not forget the eventful years, inherited the red gene. "All cadres are servants of the people, the sonorous words of general secretary Xi Jinping, to provide a new follow for the new height of writing ties between the party and Party cadres also inject new energy for the temper of ideals and beliefs. Jinggangshan is a revolutionary mountain, a fighting mountain, a heroic mountain and a glorious mountain". As the "cradle" China revolution, Jinggangshan has witnessed China communist revolutionary practice and arduous to mountain, also witnessed the masses of the people through thick and thin, handle and the fine style of work. Strong faith, hard work, pragmatic, dare to blaze a new road, relying on the masses, the courage to win "for the Jinggangshan spirit, we advocate faith banner, complement the spirit of calcium is an invaluable source of pilot beacon we stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the director general, to tackle tough cohesion strength. Do not forget the early heart, pragmatic struggle, focusing on development, deepen reform, and constantly open up a new realm of ruling for the people, continue to inspire new feelings, and constantly improve people gain a sense, we can in building a well-off society on the road to win a decisive victory, dazzling future. (Chi Ying, deputy director of the Department of politics, National School of Administration, Professor Sun Xiaoli)

习总书记赴江西慰问漫评:回望井冈山 决胜新征程-搜狐新闻   猴年春节来临之际,习近平总书记来到江西看望慰问广大干部群众,首站即是井冈山。这是习近平总书记第三次上井冈山。总书记最挂念的,是革命老区的发展和广大人民的福祉;总书记最冀望的,是不忘峥嵘岁月,传承红色基因。“所有领导干部都是人民勤务员”,习近平总书记的铿锵话语,为书写党群关系新高度提供新遵循,也为党员干部砥砺理想信念注入新能量。   “井冈山是革命的山、战斗的山,也是英雄的山、光荣的山”。作为“中国革命的摇篮”,井冈山见证了中国共产党人筚路蓝缕、以启山林的革命实践,也见证了党同人民群众同甘共苦、执手与共的优良作风。以“坚定信念、艰苦奋斗,实事求是、敢闯新路,依靠群众、勇于胜利”为内涵的井冈山精神,是我们高扬信仰旗帜、补足精神之“钙”的宝贵源泉,也是我们激发干事创业热情、凝聚攻坚克难力量的引航灯塔。不忘初心、务实奋斗,聚焦发展、深化改革,不断开拓执政新境界,不断激发为民新情怀,不断提升群众获得感,我们就一定可以在全面建成小康社会的道路上决战决胜,赢取璀璨夺目的未来。(作者系国家行政学院政治学部副主任、教授孙晓莉 漫画作者迟颖)相关的主题文章: