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Fashion-Style Modesty in outfits ranks highest when Muslim women shop for clothes. Hence, Eid outfits should be modest along with being utterly gorgeous in order to conform to the Islamic code of dressing for women. Considering the need for modesty in clothes, manufacturers and exporters of ethnic outfits always stock up on fashionable yet modest Eid Outfits . One of the most popular Designer Outfit for women is the Lehenga Choli. Apart from that, Lehenga Choli also happens to be a popular choice for Eid Outfit. Typically, a Lehenga Choli means an ankle length embellished skirt called Lehenga paired with a short blouse known as Choli, often baring the midriff. While a shorter Choli would be accepted in other cultures, it would not be readily accepted by Muslims and hence would not make for an ideal Eid Outfit. Instead the gorgeous Muslim women opt for fabulous Long Choli Lehengas which are just amazing and conform to their codes of dressing as well. During Eid, every shopping market or online clothes shopping website abounds in Designer Long Choli Lehengas in various colors and fabrics such as Designer Georgette Long Choli Lehenga, Designer Crepe Long Choli Lehenga, Designer Rawsilk Long Choli Lehenga, Designer Silk Long Choli Lehenga, Designer . Long Choli Lehenga, etc. The Long Choli Lehenga usually features a waist-length Choli or maybe even a few inches longer than that resulting in a hip length Choli. Cholis longer than that are quite old-fashioned and unflattering. Readymade Long Choli Lehengas feature Cholis with fixed length and hence nothing can be done much to alter the length of the Cholis. Therefore, it is important to check the length of the Choli before buying the Lehenga Choli. On the contrary, custom-made Lehenga Cholis would not pose a problem since the required length of the Choli can be clearly specified before getting the Lehenga Choli stitched by dressmakers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: