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Fujian "e governance" to create a new mode of "Internet plus social governance" — Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Fujian "e governance" to create a new mode of "Internet plus social governance" in recent years, Fujian political and legal system based on the "digital Fujian" based on advantages of open data barriers, breaking information silos, promoting the construction of "Internet plus social governance, innovation launched" e governance "brand, the province’s 98% city and 76% rural communities to achieve the information networking, Internet sharing, promoting the modern network technology widely in social security, social management and public service fields of application, improve the intelligent level of modernization and informatization of social governance. Highlight top design. Focus on serving the people as the center, to the grass-roots party organization as the basis, based on the basic grid, with information technology support, to combat for the purpose of information security as a guarantee, issued "on the implementation of opinions" to speed up the grid service management information platform and community service window integration construction and the grid "service management information platform technology program", to promote the rapid promotion of social governance capacity. Highlight the government services. Deepening administrative reform, decentralization, greater profit convenience, integrated throughout the administrative service hall and online service platform, through the optimization and reengineering of the service process, optimization and reengineering of service platform, to develop a "e governance" mobile phone APP software, the opening of a unified "e governance" service bus, opened a whole the "e governance" web site, the handheld terminal development of a grid member to carry out the daily work, the implementation of the "one application, a window of acceptance, 1 do", promoting "e governance" and the depth of integration of government services. Highlight data collection. The two tier cities and counties, provinces and rural "five level through use of grid information platform design of the provincial government, the social dynamic data from the bottom up, big data application pattern of professional department data gathering sharing. At present, the provincial platform has gathered data of about 7600000 provincial departments, 17 million 270 thousand pilot regions had gathered data, and laid a good foundation for the "Internet plus social governance". Outstanding practical application. Determine the 10 e governance focus areas and the list of the list of 50 key projects, the formation of a proficient in combat e governance expert group, and apply for e governance trademark registration. For telecommunications fraud, financial fraud, drug-related crime and other social security problems and social stability risk, launched the police cloud platform, public security management platform, network fraud prevention platform such as a large number of practical application platform, play a crucial role in the comprehensive management of social security, public security and other fields. Outstanding service masses. To promote the application of the data sink, mobilize social forces to participate in governance share, the province has built 107 thousand and 600 grid, equipped with 123 thousand and 300 part-time members of the grid and 422 thousand and 800 coordinators, implementation of government services to the township 659, sinking 168, sinking to the community Department of APP mobile phone 38, the basic realization of the enterprise household registration, household registration, education, medical care and social security and other livelihood service matters closely related to the Internet)相关的主题文章: