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Foreign media: Japan Chinese tourists no longer burst buy purchasing and diverse – Beijing Tourism in new network on 8 October, according to foreign media reports, China passengers to travel to Japan to buy explosive situation continued to ease, while eleven passengers Chinese holiday to Japan for sightseeing and tourism items purchased a diversified trend. Japan metropolis report tourism reception is relatively reduced, but at the same time, Japan’s small cities and urban areas around the Chinese tourists increased. Reported that Chinese tourists in Okinawa to buy the trend to reduce the explosion, but shopping is diversified. According to the Okinawa county "Japan" Ryukyu shimpo 7 news story was quoted as saying, buy a large number of high commodity China tourists buy behavior also weakened the explosion in Okinawa, supermarkets and department stores in the county had been an higher monthly sales of duty-free goods appear signs of braking. Okinawa County, the largest supermarket SAN-A 5 release of the 2016 annual final accounts for the second consecutive year of revenue increase, sales and earnings are high in. Driven by the economic growth of the county, such as the decline in the unemployment rate, personal consumption is very strong. However, President Kamichi Tetsumakoto introduced the change, said: since June, the sale of duty-free goods less than last year. I believe that the future decline in per capita consumption, the increase in the number of customers, the overall decline in the trend will continue." The report quoted the Ministry of planning management of Changfeng Tian Ze pointed out that the per capita consumption of the background of the decline may be due to Chinese government in April raised tariffs on goods in the overseas purchase, for the purpose of reselling high commodity buying phenomenon disappeared. According to the Zhecheng analysis that the buying behavior is changing, the decrease in buying large quantities of rice cookers and other household appliances phenomenon at the same time, children’s famous clothing and hairdressing goods sales growth, from the focus on certain goods to buy diversified range. Reported that other retail stores in the county also have the same tendency. Foreign tourists in the county’s largest department store in Naha, the "RYUBO" total sales of duty-free goods accounted for 11%, of which 75% is Chinese tourists. Business Planning Division Chief相关的主题文章: