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Fawkes Street interviews with Chinese vilify Chinese journalists sharp counterattack Moderator: This is Fawkes O’Reilly element news evening political talk shows, is one of the highest ratings of national news programs currently in the street interview, choose column reporter interview is New York Manhattan city residents, such as we see in the chart, including see in the news, is more than a century old generation Chinese immigrants Chinese and Southeast Asian countries, it is because the movie just to vilify the Chinese image, caused dissatisfaction with the ethnic groups. Next we also see American Comedy Central’s famous talk show "the daily show", a special Fawkes for defacing Chinese reported Tucao program. Chinese reporter Qian Xinyi with a sharp and humorous language made a sharp counterattack on Waters and Fawkes news, so many people refer to the wonderful, take a look at. Jesse · Waters (news reporter Fawkes): this year is the year of the dragon? Or rabbit year. Qian Xinyi (Comedy Central "the daily show" Chinese reporter): what it is, how can things is the news, in fact how this stuff on TV, this is what I mean, everyone wondered, in 2016 the worst racial discrimination for which the target, I don’t know. Asian also participate in the selection. Jesse · Waters Trump: continue to take China said, how do you see? What do you think of Trump’s repeated attacks on China during the campaign? Talk to the movie! Speak! Why don’t you talk! Qian Xinyi: Hey asshole, they’re silent because they don’t speak English, they can’t respond to waste. Commentary: money Xinyi after he played a video interview to the Chinatown in New York, where many Chinese are showing views about politics, Waters is not deliberately distorted under the lens that money Xinyi humorously said, because when he went to the Chinatown interview, told the people that they can understand language. Qian Xinyi: but Chinese Americans actually change their true opinions about this year’s election, so I went to Chinatown to speak to people that they could understand. What do you think of the US presidential election? M: not very special, because we have a concept that the United States has its own focus on the outside of the immigration of this welcoming attitude, which is not as we know the United States over the years.相关的主题文章: