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Mortgage-Refinance You may or may not know that there are currently "relief" programs from both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to allow borrowers to still do a refinance loan when the value of the home is not there. While this program may not help many people that are far too backwards on the equity position in their home, it does help some. To give you an idea of what you could borrow, if your home value is $250,000, you could borrow up to $262,500. Keep in mind, doing a refinance has costs involved, so you may or may not have to have money to bring in to close the new loan. If qualified, these programs are still a better option than doing an FHA refinance, which has a 1% Upfront MI fee, plus a .85 or .9 monthly MI payment and a max of 97.75% to the appraised value. Since refinancing your home can be more difficult these days, here are some additional things to know about these programs. Fannie or Freddie must be the current owner of the loan. You are only allowed to do the relief program of the current mortgage holder. So if Freddie Mac owns your loan, you cannot do the Fannie Mae relief program, you must do the Freddie Mac program. The current mortgage can not include a monthly mortgage insurance or lender paid, .monly referred to as LPMI. A minimum 620 mid credit score, 680 for some second home and investment homes, is required. Ownership changes are not allowed, owners need to be the same as the loan being refinanced. So those who have gotten divorced or if one party has below a 620 mid credit score, would not be eligible on these programs. You can not pay off or obtain new secondary financing for these programs, but if you have an existing second mortgage, there is no maximum .bined-loan-to-value, so long as the loan is approved by Fannie or Freddie’s underwriting systems. Another restriction of both programs would be that ownership can not change from the loan being refinanced. So if you are looking to add or remove a borrower from the original loan, you would not be eligible on these programs. These relief programs are "no cash out" and are restricted to $250 cash back at close. You can roll in closing costs of the loan into the new loan, but Freddie Mac will only allow $5000 of the costs to be rolled in. So, those with limited "liquid" assets, may have a more difficult time having enough money to close the loan. While I have tried to give a rough overview of these programs, each applications eligibility and qualification is dependant on the particulars of that application and lender. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: