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Mobil-Computing Kevin Giffhorn has become a known name, and this has been possible because of his brilliant app eNotebook. This iPad has been made exclusively for the students, and would make their task easier than before. With its help, the students would be able to take notes quickly and would be able to highlight and add their own points to those notes. It has several unique features that are responsible for its strong backup. It was released on AppStore on 29th February after 3 months of beta testing in elementary schools, middle and high schools and college students. There is absolutely no wonder in it that this app has got so much coverage. Kevin Giffhorn was struck with this idea almost a year ago and moved ahead when he saw iPad making its way into education field. However, iPad application development is not an easy task. So, to give his ideas a prominent shape, he founded WeLearn Educational software and commissioned a software company named IndiaNIC for developing this iPad application. He appraised the company saying that it was just neat working with the company and that he was very glad to have his ideas turned into a workable app. The fundamentals of using this educational application is very simple. This app allows the students to get their teachers’ note and add their own notes or highlight the texts without changing the format of the files. It enables the students to keep and manage their notes in an easy way. The students can quickly and swiftly switch between their tasks like read a file or take notes on a page. Here are some more features of the eNotebook: There is an Insert Blank feature, and this feature is used for making student-created pages. The color and width of the mark can be changed by using the pen and highlighter features. Crop tool is another exclusive feature of this app. With its help, students can select a portion of a file and add it to a blank page. This frees the rest of the page and leave space for additional notes. eNotebook has maximized the study time of the students and minimized their management time on the notes. It has eased the burden of their backpacks and have allowed them to have a central ebackpack that would cater to all their required needs. Kevin Giffhorn is a proud teacher now as his ideas have led to the development of the 21st generation classroom where the students would be able to concentrate more on the learning rather than spending time on taking notes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: