Womens-Issues Egg Donation: A Blessing from the Gods of Medical Science For a long time now the practice of egg donation and its costly but apt usage has paved a way for childless couples in urban civilizations throughout the world. More than anything it has come as a source of reason to sustain life even in present day India where a barren marriage can still be a cause for social stigma. In the few decades of its access all over society, it has come of age in being easily available under the supervision of a seasoned gynecologist. Their ample demand even in over populated economies like ours can be seen in the development of banks for egg transplantation mainly across the cities of India. A costly affair: Although this practice of conceiving through egg donation and transplanting eggs has come a long way since its inception more than three decades back, it remains one of the costliest affairs in medical treatment. An average demand sees the total expenses ranging near about three to four lacs. However any kind of eggs sought after customized DNA tests can be still costlier. Moreover in high end cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore the rates can touch the million mark. However they come with the best transplanting care and amid other state of the art facilities. The paradox in an impoverished society like ours comes in the vital statistics that reveal the majority of such treatment that is prevalent in the middle class and lower class of the society. Their frugal living or insufficient economic state does not deter them from making good use of the available options. Quality of delivery is on par with normally fertilized cases: For a long time now the critical community of purists has abandoned this concept as a cheaper and unnatural practice with complicated results at the time of delivery. Even otherwise there is a general myth and lack of surety that comes associated with the concept of egg donation. Other than speculation all around there is a general lack of consensus in their long term effects. This also spreads confusion and controversy in relation to the type of delivery that can take place. However this is only as substantial as any other shot aimed in the dark. As evidence suggests, the offspring is found perfectly hail and healthy in all aspects and leads a life as normal and independent from complication as does any child from normal course of action. The pattern of delivery is also the same with the same set of preventive measures and the routine practices during the gestation phase. Contrary to what a majority of unaware and uneducated section of the society feels wise about, this method of conception and donating eggs and then having them transplanted is absolutely safe and full proof and thankfully is here to stay. Nature has bestowed us with many sanctities. The experience and meaning of motherhood was never as full-fledged as after accessing this system of egg donation. Hopefully the future generations will help in wiping out the little blot of ignorance in its illustrious journey so far. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: