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Home-and-Family Air conditioning is a blessing for those people living in hot countries where sun is always very hot and the rays are inconsiderate. These people can understand the sufferings without air-conditioning, if you have air conditioning installed in your premises it doesn’t mean that you will not be suffering with hot brutal sun rays. What if the conditioning breaks down? It can be as worse as without the air conditioning and in some cases most awful. Although it will be not for long as there are many .panies for air conditioning repair, these .panies have the engineers available they and can .e and fix the air conditioning in less time. Whenever our air conditioning stops working it usually remind us the people without air conditioning. Air conditioning was always in great demand as the heating in cold part of the world, because human body is normally relaxed in a certain temperature. If the temperature goes up it asphyxiates us, and when it lowers down its more trembling for the human body, but to protect you from winter is easy than from the heat, because the other hazardous aspect of the heat is, it vapors the moisture. If you are walking or working in a hot environment you can have dehydration in your body. These things were bothering mankind in second century as well and this is how we get an idea for the air conditioning. It has been started when Chinese inventors were trying to cool down the temperature for the Chinese imperial palace. Since then there were many models and designs were developed by the people during these years. Although it took slightly long, but in 1820 the British scientists discovered that .pressed and liquefied ammonia can chill the air on its evaporation. The first effort towards the air conditioning was made in 1830’s by an American physician during his practice. Dr john Gorrie invented the machine to cool down the hospital rooms for the patients suffering from yellow fever and malaria. In 1902 Willis Haviland Carrier, invented the first modern electrical machine which was more similar to the air conditioners we use in these days. He call the machine "Apparatus of Treating air" this was the great success towards the air-conditioning, this machine was installed in many hospitals and also in pharmaceutical .panies. Although Carrier’s machine was getting famous, but there were some negative characteristic of this machine as it was very large in size, it was very expensive and toxic ammonia was used as coolant in this machine. There were major changes were made in 1922 in the machine, Carrier replaced the ammonia with benign and to reduce the size he added the central .pressor. The air conditioning we are using is based on the .pressors as well. In these days air conditioning repair mostly involves the .pressor and related function. There are many .panies selling their air conditioners, these .panies provide the warranty for the .pressor to cut done the cost on air conditioning repair. After many years .pressors are still the more expensive part of the air conditioning and they also cost a lot when they go for repairing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: