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How to correctly open eleven double head hi eat soil month lead: as of November 12th 0, double 11 global Carnival officially ended. Data show that the total transaction volume of 11 platforms on the same day reached $120 billion 748 million 590 thousand! How much of this is your contribution? In the crazy buy buy buy, look at the face is also clean wallet, it is time to consider how to open the next month to eat earth! Concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Eat the first move: cooking at home to save money and health and save money: "the best way to save money is not to eat in the restaurant." DIY food at home, both healthy and save money, but also enjoy the joy of making. Even if you eat soil, but also to eat and taste, nutrition and health. Now we recommend an artifact – braised beaker. This is a very popular and convenient cooking utensil. Braised beaker small and cute, do not plug, no heating, the food (especially soup) into the cup, then pour the boiling water, then put the lid up stuffy for half a day or so, with the help of the glass insulation function, which is similar to the temperature of the food in the boiling water in the cook, a hot cup of porridge good. Easy to carry, easy to operate the most suitable for the mother of the baby to prepare meals, office workers and students party. THERMOS Stainless THERMOS King [480ml] THERMOS braised braised beaker insulation is made of double-layer stainless steel beaker high vacuum layer by temperature loss, wide caliber design, convenient and clean place food. Cup cover with PP plastic protection, prevent fall, sealing performance is better, the base of sand resistance. This section of the cold insulation dual-purpose beaker for 6 hours, the insulation effect reached 42 degrees, the cold effect reached more than 8 hours. With 1 stainless steel spoon, with fruit in the summer, winter with rice is very good. Reference price: 250 yuan. A prodigal: thermal insulation, good sealing, Fangshuai zoned, large capacity. Practical index: it assumes the appearance index: assumes price index: * * * ZOJIRUSHI printed stainless steel insulation cold beaker 360ml this stew stew beaker of moderate size, with close air vent design, open cover is very convenient, drinking water is not hot enough to burn the resin, mouth, each part of the cup cover can not disassemble, clean up dead, in short, is careful to the extreme. Reference price: 3100 yen (about $200). A simple and safe and easy to clean it. The utility index assumes the appearance index: it assumes that the price index assumes TIGER MCC-B038 [380ml] TIGER Tiger Tiger braised beaker stuffy beaker, with food grade stainless steel, coated with solid resin coating, 9.9× 9.9× 330g 14.3cm; the size of the body weighs more than 57 DEG C, can be maintained for 6 hours (according to the room temperature may be), the actual capacity of 400ml, but as.相关的主题文章: