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Business Metals are essential to carry out most industrial functions. Whether it is manufacturing, processing, transportation or storage; you are likely to use steel, copper and other metals in some form. Metals are one of the toughest, most durable and flexible elements that can be used in manufacturing. However, they are subject to light cracks. And if these small, light cracks go unnoticed, they may result in defective products, or worse, damaged output. Detection of cracks has always been essential, especially for parts of the machine that have been replaced or repaired. This is even more so for critical products like connecting rods, cylinder heads, crankshafts, engine blocks and camshafts. Spotting defects on time would result in safety for repaired equipment and save them from further damage. One of the most effective ways to locate defects is with the help of thermography . What Is Thermography? It is a technique used for non-evasive screening that is based on infrared technology. Invisible to the naked eye, infrared is a specific wavelength of energy generated by heat, amongst other factors. Each object that we see emits a certain amount of infrared radiation. Infrared thermal imaging is a way in which humans can see this radiation. With the help of a thermal camera, objects may be seen in extreme darkness, smoke, and fog through the infrared rays they emit. Devices like infrared digital cameras , scanners, etc. work on the same principle. How Does It Find Cracks? First, the area of the metal that is to be checked is heated, usually with the help of a laser. Next, this heated surface is scanned for consistency of heat generation. The area, which shows as excessively heated or .paratively cooler than the others by the infrared detector , is checked for cracks or other issues. Besides cracks in metals, thermal imaging may be used to check for leakage and ill-fitting metals parts as well. Using the procedure of laser heating, you can also scan the areas besides the repaired parts for the same purpose. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: