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Software An enterprise storage server is a centralized repository that helps enterprises to manage and secure data. Enterprise storage servers are useful for business houses that deal with heavy workloads of business-critical information. It performs functions such as data sharing, backup and restoration, common data management and data protection. It offers unlimited connectivity, support for all the different platforms in operation, high availability, disaster recovery and centralized administration and remote support. These are intelligent storage servers that are designed to be versatile and cost efficient and meet the requirements of todays on demand business where business continuity is essential. Those who plan to opt for an enterprise storage server solution, there are service providers who built-to-order general-purpose storage servers that are cost-effective, energy efficient and that offer high performance and high reliability. It meets the most demanding requirements of performance, capacity and availability that big enterprises require. Collaborating with such service providers helps in complete customization, unparalleled reliability and quick turnaround at a highly competitive price. Besides, they configure the clients OS and software to operate at optimal levels and deliver any functionality that they might need on their new custom servers. Here is a look at some other benefits of opting for a customized enterprise storage server. Features the latest multi-core high performance technology, energy-efficient architecture and are ideally suited for Virtualization, Clustering and Cloud Computing Provides versatile blade server solutions with many different combinations of processors and speeds are fully optimized for mission critical data center applications and server consolidation Each platform contains hot-plug compute blades, management modules, and network switches allow for easy removal and replacement. This makes the Blade servers effortless to maintain and minimizes down time. Offers a full spectrum of customized Rack mount scalable storage servers for a wide range of applications including data backup These high-availability, redundant systems may be configured as a multi-purpose server with your choice of Microsoft Windows or Linux operating system for a maintenance-free storage. Get high performance, high availability storage servers with flexible features that can be customized according to your needs Being a fault tolerant storage system, it can be maintained and upgraded concurrently with customer operation Customized backup, recovery, deduplication, and unified storage solutions enable reduced backup costs, simplified data recovery and improved protection Provides a common platform to allocate and manage growing demands for data storage while improving storage utilization and reducing administrative effort Thus, with enterprise storage servers, enterprises can meet all the requirements of their businesses easily and effortlessly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: