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Approaching eleven golden week gold jewelry shining market Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Approaching eleven golden week, gold jewelry retail market quietly warming. Recently, the "Economic Daily News" reporter visited Beijing City, a number of gold in the food retail stores, shopping malls, sun J, multilateral Waldo and Guohua shopping interviews found that the major shopping malls in crowded, bustling, people buy gold jewelry also appeared a lot of new trends. At the Caibai mall on the first floor of the sales hall, more than 10 consumers are around sales staff "Tiangong two, Shenzhou eleven commemorative gold bars and related matters. According Caibai mall responsible person, this set of shelves in September 20th space bullion price is 14800 yuan, by China manned space engineering office only authorized, complete with 2 root 15 grams of gold bullion (30 grams), the limited edition of only 5000 sets. Just listed on the sale by many consumers. In addition to a number of themed gold collectibles, jewelry sales are also more popular. At the Caibai mall on the first floor of the "most beautiful like ornaments of gold jewelry counter, the reporter saw the home near the city of Beijing, Haidian District, Xiyuan Qi Jingyang, Tang Yuanyuan young couple. "We’re going to have a wedding in November. Although the bride, wedding have been prepared, but the gold jewelry is not selected. Never fade gold will herald our love sweet, enduring as the universe." The couple’s face was filled with a happy smile. "Now comes the Caibai mall 60 years anniversary, in return season, buying has many benefits, which also stimulated the part of consumers to buy." Caibai mall relevant responsible person said that the wedding series, Miffy theme series has just launched the chicken and silver bar of the year, gold and silver jewelry, all by consumers, sales were also improved. China Business Manager Wang Xin in "Economic Daily" reporter the interview said: "in September, gold jewelry sales gratifying, a smart series gold bracelet just launched as an example, since listing in September, the daily sales of around 50, 3D hard gold pendant bracelet sales series as well." Beijing sun gold general manager Yu Guiying also feel that since September, consumers buy gold jewelry warm temperature. At present, the price of gold jewelry 330 yuan g, 3D hard gold price of about $390 grams, compared with the same period last year rose about 50 yuan. But so far in September, the overall sales of our shop gold jewelry than last year, a substantial increase. Among them, the average gold jewelry sales increased by about 10% over the same period last year, 3D hard gold sales grew by more than 20%. Including bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, jewelry, wedding festival has become the main selling products." Multifortune Financial Institute of precious metals analyst Shen Yang said, gold as a traditional financial variety for the ordinary people are familiar with, buy gold jewelry must be to the regular shopping malls, good quality of the gold and silver jewelry usually printed with logo related manufacturers, code and content on the precious metal materials相关的主题文章: