China July holdings of $22 billion of U.S. debt is still the largest creditor solid converter

China July holdings of $22 billion of U.S. debt is still the largest creditor U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Chinese warrants July minus $22 billion of U.S. debt to the new agency in Washington in September 16, the U.S. Treasury local 16 released data show that China in July this year, a substantial reduction of $22 billion of U.S. debt, but it is still the largest creditor position. Treasury data show that as of July, China’s total debt held by the United States $1 trillion and 218 billion 800 million, down from last month’s revised $1 trillion and 240 billion 800 million, the Department for the second consecutive month reduction. Reuters and Bloomberg News reported that this figure hit more than 3 years ago, China holds a total of u.s.. Japan’s second largest creditor countries in July holdings of $6 billion 900 million U.S. debt, the total rose to $1 trillion and 154 billion 600 million, a record high since last September. Other holdings of U.S. debt countries including Brazil, Switzerland, India, etc.. The United States, Singapore, Germany, Saudi Arabia, etc.. Among them, the total amount of U.S. debt held by Saudi Arabia has declined for sixth consecutive months. At the end of July this year, major foreign holders of U.S. debt creditors amounted to $6 trillion and 247 billion 900 million, $6 trillion and 282 billion 800 million lower than the revised last month. For overweight or underweight the United States debt, Chinese official said that the U.S. debt market is an important market for Chinese, whether overweight or underweight are normal investment operations, Chinese according to various changes in the market for dynamic optimization and adjustment operation. (end) editor: Wang Yongsheng SF153相关的主题文章: