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China is putting on a third big reshuffle: who will be the loser? Abstract: Since China’s reform and opening up, has experienced two big reshuffle of wealth, is now experiencing a big reshuffle of the wealth of the third. The era of Bole equity investment team through long-term research found that China since the reform and opening up, has experienced two big wealth reshuffle, is experiencing the third wealth reshuffle: the first is the bold reshuffle, the timid so Chinese, the first batch of rich and not have much knowledge, but bold. In this process, with the reform and opening up after the issue of currency and inflation, relying on wage accumulation of people, suddenly feel the wealth of relatively derogatory worth more and more powerful. This is also the rise of wealth in the southeast coastal areas, and the central and western regions, especially in Northeast China, the sharp decline in the status of wealth. The second big reshuffle is people with knowledge and opinions of people lack of knowledge and insights of big reshuffle, the reshuffle occurred in 15 years ago, especially in the rise of a large number of outstanding private enterprises, including HUAWEI, Tencent, TCL, and the so-called "speculation" into decline. Is currently the third major reshuffle staged wealth will be a new way of thinking of the old way of thinking of the reshuffle, in the past three years and the next 10 years will continue to unfold in a drama. Why in the past 3 years and the next 10 years, will continue to carry out the big reshuffle of the wealth of the third? Why is the biggest wealth reshuffle in 30 years? This will be the past 30 years, why the rich make money, and now the basis for the existence of money? If no longer exists, the shuffle of wealth is a very easy to understand event. What is the form and connotation of the third big reshuffle? Equity investment and real estate investment has become the wealth of the third reshuffle winners, and become the future years only to fight inflation and depreciation of RMB investment last year, equity investment team was in the era of Bole China first proposed "no equity rich", "the next 8 years, China largest investment opportunities from the equity" point of view, and people. Capital market staged a wealth of dreams, the myth of the wealth of new shares and bear market has nothing to do, is to prove the correctness of this conclusion. Real estate prices beyond the wage income is a substantial increase in the typical big reshuffle, it does not create new wealth, but also the lateral flow of funds. In this mode, the transfer of wealth, the first big city and the second part of the city’s housing residents become the beneficiaries of automatic transfer of wealth, and other local residents in the national wealth but unknowingly quietly shrink. The gap between regions and between urban and rural areas has been further widened, and the growth engines of the central and western regions and small and medium-sized cities have continued to extinguish fire. Real estate investment has been able to become the third wealth reshuffle winners, there are several key reasons: first Chinese still exists a large amount of money issued by the asset shortage, (Chinese GDP far less than the United States, but the currency was far greater than that of the United States), and no place to go. Public entrepreneurship, equity investment, not many people are familiar with and excel in the field. Second China has become the world’s first inevitable trend. Chinese housing prices相关的主题文章: